Sunday, March 5, 2017

29 weeks!

Let's get back on the weekly updates, hey. 
Just kidding, I probably won't find time, but today I've got the motivation.

This last week has been very interesting. Our little man has began rocking on all fours in hopes of crawling. I hope it takes him a little extra time to work it out. He now rolls both ways, which makes nappy changes very interesting. I also found him in his cot completely 180 degrees from how he was laid down. Last weekend we decided it was time to pick up a baby jail, or playpen. He's just getting too fast, and I need to be able to use the bathroom without fear of him hitting his head. Within the first day of having the tiny prison cell has paid for itself. He was running a water bottle on the bars like a tiny inmate. Every day I swear he gets funnier and funnier. He's such a happy boy, and he makes us so happy in return. The last week was a bit hectic for sleep. He picked up a cold, and this kept him up nearly all night on Friday and half the night on Saturday. We then decided to elevate his mattress last night, and he finally slept for nearly seven hours straight. The poor booger monster just couldn't breath. I must remember the elevation trick for the next illness. We've been to the beach heaps the last couple of weeks. He's gone from hating water to now being a water baby just like his parents. This weekend he also met his second cousin, Bec. He was completely content in her arms, and nearly fell asleep.

Best toy in all the land? Aircon remote for the win!

Beach hangs with my beach boiz.

I tried mango for the first time. 
I can't decide if I love it, or hate it!

We also entered Duncan in the Bonds Baby Search. It seemed like a fitting thing to do considering 95% of his wardrobe is Bonds wondersuits. We'd love if you could give him a vote. Want even more motivation? The website is currently 40% off! 

To vote click here: Bonds Baby Search Don't forget to confirm your vote via email!

These are from the last couple of weeks
 -Rolling back to front.
-Rocking on all fours.
-New food: mango, mince meat, sweet potato fries, bacon!
-Scooting/commando crawling and fast!
-Feeding myself with a pre-loaded spoon.
-Attempting baby led weaning, so far the only winner has been broccoli florets.

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