Thursday, July 9, 2015

Wedding activities!

Aloha to our wonderful friends and family attending the wedding in just a couple short months!

P and I have been discussing putting together some group related activities. We'd love for everyone attending the wedding to join. But there is absolutely no pressure either.

The Royal Lahaina (the place we'll be married at) hosts a very high rated Lu'au. We are planning on attending the Lu'au on Thursday 1st with as many as our guests care to join. I've heard very good things from people that have actually been to this particular Lu'au.

Lu'au info

We would also love for as many of our guests that care to join us for a breakfast the day after the wedding, again at the Royal Lahaina Resort. They offer buffet/menu dining.

Breakfast info

Please let us know if you'd like to join the fun, as I need to make reservations for both activities! Of course, there is no pressure at all! We realize this is also a vacation for everyone.

xoxo, Meaghan & Paul