Saturday, February 14, 2015

Home Tour

Back in July Paul and I bought our first home together. Most of our friends and family already know that, duh. But as most of our friends and family are between 3,000-10,000 miles away few have yet to see the place.

We cleaned the house yesterday good and proper. I was admiring our freshly cleaned castle with the sun shining in and it hit me to take a few photos. I wouldn't normally just post pictures of our house, but we've been lovingly hassled a few times for people to see. So here are just a few of our living, dining, and study. 

Our extremely talented friend Kieran was kind enough to take engagement photos for us. We have one of those gems hanging on the far left. Most everything in the living room is new to us. Apart from the couch. Paul only had that for a short time before I got here. It's actually a great little couch. He did well to pick a colour I love before he even met me.

We only just set up a proper study. It's made such a difference in the house. I love having a workspace. We got that adorable stool at a small rustic shop on a little road trip. Don't mind the kettle bells. 

We've got the start of a gallery wall in our study. My amazingly talented friend Julie's art takes up 95% of the space on the wall. She has generously gifted me several pieces. We have a few other things to hang, but we're waiting for frames worthy of the art.

I love our dining table. It was the first big ticket furniture item we bought for the house. 
I felt like a real adult when it was delivered.

Obviously I have several Kitschy Honebees garlands hanging all over. 
At the moment we have a tiny fridge from our one bedroom place. We haven't bought a dishwasher just yet either. Those are two things on the back burner for us. Paul installed the flue above the oven. That was quite the project, but well worth it. 

I love our wood floors. It took Paul a little while to decide how he felt about the colour, but I'm fully on board. They are such a rich and warm colour. As you can tell we're pretty cool with the whole white and grey colour scheme. It's neutral and I dig it. I definitely don't have an eye for interior design, but whatever I like what we've done thus far.