Friday, March 8, 2013

Week in review and junk.

We've had a relatively busy week, but that's nothing new. This week we've been jogging every afternoon & slowly ramping up the length of our jogs. We're now just over 4K's of jogging straight. I'm feeling quite proud of myself for that. I've never been a runner, especially running any distance straight.   We started our week at the local growers market. The growers market has been the weekly trend for about a month now. We've managed to get almost all of our fruits and veggies at the market. Although, I must admit we have to make sure and eat everything relatively quickly. Without the preservatives and the like the veggies seem to spoil pretty quickly. 

The past week we've had two rainy mornings. I had to document, because rain is so uncommon here. This is just outside our bedroom window at the service apartment.

The cloud and ocean contrast always gets me. This is out front the service apartment.

Last nights sunset was beautiful. This is just out the back of our service apartment. Paul has been dropping the crap pots out here every few nights. Up until tonight he hadn't had any luck. 

I took a little walk to the post box the other day & the weather was beautiful. This is the street I walk most days into Freo when heading to the coffee shop or grocery store. Just below is in front of the service apartment.

Sunday we visited Paul's sister, Vanessa and her two sons. Vanessa's birthday was this past week, so we celebrated on Sunday. We had some delicious fresh fish that Paul fried up and some yummy black forrest cake. Vanessa took us on a little walk thru her new neighborhood. We brought some bread with to feed the duckies at the lake just across the street. The ducks must have known it was coming. All we had to do was walk to the sand and they came in for some eats. Christian even shared his bread with me to feed he duckies. We had a great time with Ness and the boys. As per usual the boys were hilarious. Turns out Christian still loves a pound puppy that Uncle Paul gave him as a gift years ago. He even asked his Mum to mind pound puppy while he climbed a tree. Happy Birthday, Ness!

My Mommies birthday was this week as well. Even though I couldn't be there I was still thinking about her. I baked zucchini muffins for the very first time. Mom always cooked zucchini bread growing up. I must admit the muffins turned out very yummy! I even made them a bit healthier by adding flax seeds, coconut oil, and protein powder to the recipe. Happy Birthday, Mommy! 

I also baked a muesli loaf for Paul. The taste was beautiful. But it was over cooked a bit. But all in all for my first try I'm quite pleased.

There's a heap of street art all over Fremantle. I'm a bit of a geek & I like to snap pics of almost anything I find aesthetically pleasing.

I've become a bit of a hoarder. I accidentally poured out too much cinnamon today while baking. So instead of throwing it away I made a face mask with it. I combined about a teaspoon of cinnamon, a 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, and an egg white. I lightly beat the mixture together and applied evenly to my skin for about thirty minutes. I let it sit it dry on my face while I enjoyed a cuppa and zucchini muffin. I saved what was left. I'll definitely use it tomorrow. My face is glowing and feels baby soft. The mixture does lightly burn, but I like that. It makes me feel as though the mask is working.

Paul has been trying different methods of catching crabs in the crab pots this week. One of the bait options he used was kangaroo meat. This however, was not suitable for human consumption. He then switched to fish heads. It took a few different tries, but tonight he caught some. He ended up keeping one to cook. He put water on the boil with a bit of salt. He let the crab boil for around seven minutes. I ran upstairs when he dropped the crab into the water. I wasn't emotionally ready to hear it squeal to it's death. Luckily, it didn't make a sound. This crab wasn't in the mood to fight. I gave it a try, it's not something I would probably eat again. I am glad I tried though. It has a bit of a sweet flavor. That's the only way I know how to describe it. The remainder of the fish heads have been frozen for another go sometime next week.

My wonderful boyfriend bought me a gift voucher to a nice salon for Valentines Day. The salon is just a short walk from where we're staying. The longer I've been in Australia the more my hair is naturally lightening up. I haven't been a real blonde since around high school. But I'm quite happy with the results. I think I'll be keeping my hair light for quite some time.

Tomorrow morning we are heading away on a nice little holiday to Margaret River. We have about a three hour drive ahead of us. Paul needs to vote in the morning (voting is mandatory here). Then we can head out on the road. We'll be away Saturday-Monday. I'm looking forward to exploring a bit more of Western Australia. With that said it's time to finish packing and crawl into bed for an early start! 

Ps: It was also Amy's birthday this week. Some of our favorite girls we're born on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday funnily enough. Happy Birthday, Ames! See you next week!