Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We is getting married!

A couple weeks ago after a couple years of dating, and one year living together...
 Paul popped the question!
It went a little something like this:
We had a sleep in, a jog, and grabbed a yummy iced mocha out.
After Paul had the suggestion that we should go into Perth city to take some photos.
My Aunt Sarah scouted us to take some Flat Stanley photos for my little cousin's Flat Hunter school project. This gave Paul the perfect excuse for us to go into the city. Little did I know he had something tricky up his sleeve.

After taking a few photos Paul said there was one more park we should go to. We were walking for quite some time. I eventually asked him how far away we were, my feet were starting to hurt! We finally made it to Queen's Garden. I was still none the wiser. Lucky for Paul I was in a really good mood, so I wasn't asking any questions . After walking thru the park a bit I realized something was up, but not what you might think. I put two and two together that we were in the park where Paul's parents were married. That in and of itself made me extremely happy. I had been telling him that we really needed to get there! We walked around some more, and ended up under a flame tree. While I was staring at some duckies Paul was pulling out the ring, and well you get the rest.

I cried a few graceful tears of joy, and we called our parents. Unfortunately, for me it was about 1am at home, and my parents were fast asleep. But Paul did get permission from my father the day before, and Dad gave him a big fat yes. We did get through to Paul's Mum; even though she could only hear about every other word she got the point. Her and I were both crying on either side of the phone, and Paul was shaking his head.

Here are the original Mr. & Mrs. F on their wedding day!
How cute and 70's chic were they?

We thought it would be funny to take a couple photos in front of the Royal Mint.
It was on the walk back to the car.


  1. You are truly something amazing Meg Pie!
    You have gone from a girl, to a lady and now strengthening your ways for when you become a woman, a Mrs. Forsyth.
    Congratulations to you both!
    Thanks for finally popping the question Mr. Forsyth! (Your parents are a beautiful couple. Would it be weird if I placed their photo in my family room?)

    1. Kara you're the absolute sweetest! Thank you so much. You can most certainly hang that photo in your family room, haha! That's what I plan on doing in our house!