Thursday, January 12, 2017

Duncan's first Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year.
Warning: This is about six weeks worth of Christmas themed photos.
Overkill? Probably...

This year we celebrated Duncan's first Christmas on the outside. Last year just before Christmas we found out I was pregnant. All that was incredibly exciting, though I was suffering from terrible fatigue and nausea, so I couldn't get as into the Christmas spirit. Of course with this year being Duncan's first proper Christmas I went a little overboard on the photos. But it's only your first babies Christmas once, and no film goes to waste in the digital age.

We started the Christmas celebrations while we were still in Minnesota. Duncan got to meet Santa Clause for the first time at the Mall of America. He made it on the nice list, and his Poppy, Auntie Molly, Cousin Kevin, Auntie Justine, baby Ellie, Mummy and Daddy were all there to experience the special moment.

The first weekend we were home Mummy set up the Christmas tree and hung the stockings with care.

Baby booties from this welcome cake made it to the tree.

Playing under the tree, and rocking my carhartt from my Poppy!

Thanks to our friends Honor and Evie for the squeaky Christmas story.

On Christmas Eve we watched Home Alone and snuggled. Duncan also decided he was really excited to meet Santa, so he slept like....well a baby. 

Donuts make us go nuts! Thanks Auntie Kay Kay!

After opening a few gifts we ventured to the beach on Christmas morning. Since moving down under Christmas beach outings have become our little tradition. We even took D last year when he was still a noodle in my tummy.We didn't last very long. It was hot//hot//hot and stupid windy, but hey, we made it! Daddy was attempting to put the beach tent together all on his own and he was nearly finished by the time I realised he could really use a hand!

After the beach it was time to open more gifts. Auntie Molly sent me building blocks just like my cousin Big Kev had when he was a little boy!
Nanna Forsyth sent me some cool clothes!
Santa filled my stocking with a noisy book and bubbles among other cool toys!
Auntie Kay Kay and Uncle Ev spoiled me as usual. We got a family gift of Daddy/Mama/Baby bear tee's. Must get a family photo in them asap as this nugget is growing!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. This one went by so fast and I hardly remember it. Thank goodness for copious amounts of photos!