Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A year down under: Part One

In just a couple short days we'll be homeward bound. I've now been living in Australia for just under a year. My, oh my, time sure does fly!

My Visa began on July 5, 2012.
I left with many going away presents. This one was from my baby brother.
He did a stencil of Minnesota, and added roots to the bottom.
We have this beauty hanging in our kitchen.
I still have the "I love you!!!" note hanging on a cork board.


It's official! My first ticket to my flight across the pond!
Ready for take off!
I've got my ear plugs, neck pillow, and sleep mask!
Touch down.
My first day in Australia.
We went for a nice walk all over Williamstown, where we live.

After just a couple weeks in Australia we flew to Perth for the first time.
It happened to be over my 26th birthday.
I had my first Aussie birthday.
I met Pauls family for the first time.
We had prawns on the barbie!
I got another beautiful cake! This time a pavlova from the Dempsey's!
My birthday present from Paul was to get my nose pierced!
I'd been telling hinting to Paul that I wanted it done again.
Before we were off we had a beachside brunch with the Dempsey's!

After just six weeks in Australia we flew back to the states.
Our friends Britt and Andy were getting married in Tahoe.
 I was a bridesmaid, so there was no way we were missing that! 
Even my Dad and bro met us in Tahoe for a little visit!

Paul had some work in Darwin & I tagged along for the ride!

I forced Paul to carve his first pumpkin with me.

Also, I found a bone!

Here's what spring in Melbs looks like.

 The same weekend as Halloween we went to Cox Plate for Spring Carnival.
We met up with one of Paul's oldest friends & the reason we met, Leon.

Paul had a couple weeks of work in Perth in the beginning of the month.

We got some quality time with the Dempsey's and little Charlotte.

Then before we knew it we were stateside again for Thanksgiving!

 Josh and Paul in the kitchen on Thanksgiving.
 Paul had to cut the turkey!
With my bro. Just being ourselves.

Just a day after we returned from the states we were in the air again.
Paul had another work trip to Sydney!

After Sydney we were sent to Perth for Pauls work for the long haul.

We met up with Ness and the boys in Chidlow or the hills, where Paul's from.
Splish splash with Uncle Paul.

 We cooled down with a beverage at a local watering hole.

The boys opted for a mist fan cool down.

Christmas Eve we had some more quality time with the Forsyth clan.

Christian was the builder in charge of the sand castle development.
Then Paul and I opened one present each.
This has been my families tradition for as long as I can remember.
It's probably one of my favorite parts of Christmas!

Christmas morning we opened presents with the Dempsey's for Charlottes first Christmas!

How cute is Uncle Freddy with baby Charlotte in his lap!
I die.
The boys each got jocks from their ladies!
Coffee for two!
Christmas lunch, curtesy of the wonderful Mrs. Dempsey.
We spent Christmas day at the beach too!
Charlotte was so teeny!

Boxing day we had a bbq down at the river with good friends.

 December was filled with lots of bbqs,
 and the like with this little cutie and her parents.

We attended this little one's Strawberry shortcake party.

Mr. F had a birthday of his own.

K-man and Mr. F share a birthday month!
We were back in Melbs for Australia Day weekend.
 We took advantage of the free time in search of some kangaroos.

 And we kangaroos we found!

Me oh my does time fly by!
Part two, February-June to be continued!