Sunday, November 18, 2012

Playing catch up

We've just returned home (in Melbourne) from two weeks away in Perth. Paul had a job there, so I tagged along. We stayed in Fremantle again, which is lovely. We had the same rental car as last trip (three weeks ago), and stayed in the same hotel (the Esplanade). My days were spent at the hotel gym, sauna and poolside. In the evenings we caught up with friends. We had some nice quality time with friends this trip, since we had much more time. We were able to hit the beach a couple times and checked out the Fremantle Markets. I also tried a Macaroon for the first time & I am more than addicted.  Our trip was extended by a couple of days, because more work came up. This was both good and bad. Good because we had more time with family and friends. Bad because we leave again to Minneapolis in two days. So I felt like I had no time to do household things before we leave. We flew in last night at about eight in the evening. We caught a cab home, and watched a movie. I ate so much popcorn that I gave myself a stomach ache. Today was spent running to the shops, doing laundry, unpacking and repacking. We used most of our food before our Perth trip, so the fridge was bare. I also decided I deserved a new purse. I've been carrying the same one for a couple years. Paul got a hair cut while I shopped for inanimate objects. When we met back up I felt like a mother who brought their child in for it's first hair cut. The stylist chopped off all his beautiful curls! Luckily his hair grows like weeds, so it'll all be back very soon.  

Tonight will be the calm before the storm. We have to pack for ten days in Chilly Minnesota. Then when we return home we'll have to unpack, and repack to head back to warm Perth for about a month. Paul will have more work in Perth almost as soon as we return from the states.

While we were in Perth I watched Obama win for his second term in office! This paper was waiting for us the next morning at the hotel.

Paul is in the midst of growing his facial hair for Movember. This is seventeen days in. He is itching to shave it. But I won't let him. It's for a great cause after all.

The beautiful ocean and a tiny dot that is my boyfriend attempting to catch a wave in.

An awesome donut van that reminded me of the state fair.

We ate at Shanghai most nights while in Fremantle. It's like a food court with different Asian/Indian restaurants to choose from. It's very inexpensive, and pretty yummy. It was a good option for us because it's hard for me to find food at restaurants now that I'm a Veggo, and it was very close to the hotel. For any friends that might end up in Freo this is a cash only place. Paul had the pleasure of standing in line behind a crabby American guy who had a very difficult time understanding the menu. He finally ordered all his food only to find out it was cash only. He had to run out to a cash machine, whilst using choice words and come back to pay for his food. 

We got to spend some quality time with Mrs. Dempsey and the lovely growing girl, Charlotte. We've been very lucky to see her a few times already and every time we do she's developed more and more. She's now chewing on nearly everything within her little fingers grasp, especially her fingers.

Paul is very good with babies. He's the Charlotte whisperer. Every time she looks up at his goofy face she smiles. Maybe it's the facial hair she's laughing at. When the time's right I have no doubt he'll be more than an amazing father.

As for me, it's time to clean the house a bit and finish up my packing before we head out to the airport early tomorrow morning. We have to allow for chaos in customs, and traffic on the drive to the airport. These last few months have seriously flown by. I can't believe it's already time to go home for Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, and sleeping in my old bed. We'll be in town for just over a week, and we're busy, busy, busy. But I have no complaints. We're so lucky to be heading home and seeing our loved ones. 

xoxo, Meaghan