Thursday, February 23, 2017

Major recap alert.

It seems I've missed a lot! You would too if you were busy soaking in every minute with our cheeky monkey. 

Today Duncan is 28 weeks plus two days. He's six and a half months old. I honestly can't believe over half a year ago I delivered out little nugget. He now weighs 19lbs and measures 67cm. He's average height, and he's chunky for his age (good on him)! He loves his milk, and is unsure about fruits and veggies so far. Meat on the other hand is his jam. He'll happily suck the juices out of salmon, kangaroo, chicken and turkey (so far). He's teething, and has been for ages. He's cut his top two teeth, but the actual tooth has yet to make an appearance. Our little boy prefers to sleep in several small blocks as opposed to one long sleep. His Mother is still learning to adjust to six months of broken sleep. She's also learning to quit comparing her darling boy to other babies and their fabulous sleep patterns. I urge you to do the same if you've got a little night owl. Sleep deprivation ain't no joke. Lucky for all of us he's a bundle of joy, and I wouldn't trade him for all the stars in the sky!

Duncan now sleeps in his own bedroom and has been for a couple of weeks. It hasn't been an easy transition. I miss him every night. But I think we're all actually sleeping a bit better (even still broken) than before. We can actually roll over without fear of waking him. 

As of last week he's begun to rock on all fours, only for a few seconds...but it's happening! He can also sit unassisted if he's not too sleepy, but it's not his favourite thing in the world. He hasn't quite mastered rolling from back to front, but front to back is old hat now. He can move himself to where he wants to be by pushing with his legs and pulling with his arms. It's time to baby proof already! 

At six months of age Duncan has had one international holiday and one domestic trip both to meet his adoring relatives. He's been in the ocean a handful of times and he's learning to love it. Daddy is still top of the pops to him, and I suspect that will be a lifelong affliction. As soon as Paul looks at him he smiles. When he's upset he says "Mum" and "Mumma". I'm sure he doesn't know what he's saying, but I'll take it as a win. 

I've started a journal to write a daily love letter to Duncan at my Father's suggestion. I started three days ago, and I love it already. I hope I continue to make the time every day.

While we were in Minnesota our incredibly talented friend was gracious enough to take family photos for us. We even had my Dad join in on the fun. Little did I know he was all too happy to oblige, because my sister had organised a surprise belated 30th party for me after the photos (more on that later). For now here's our first family photos with Duncan at only three months old, tear.

My Mom is the Mother of all Mothers. She couldn't keep her hands off Duncan, and the feeling was mutual. Look at his hand on her shoulder.
We managed to somehow get the whole family in a couple of photos. Not everyone was thrilled (Duncan included), but I'm thankful we have it.

I've dropped the ball on his weekly photos. 
But here are a few of my favourite most recents.

A couple weeks back we had the pleasure of having two adorable house guests, Charlotte and Will. We had lots of fun at the park, feeding duckies, gardening and watching Uncle Freddy mow the yard. It was a nice little eye into the future if/when we add to the Forsyth family of three.

That's all for now, folks! 
Hope you've got your Duncan fix to the Poppy and Nanna's across the globe. We love you!

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