Friday, March 31, 2017

Month 7!

Our cheeky monkey is nearly 8 months. I realise I say this far too much, but seriously, where has the time gone?!

His little personality shines brighter every day, and we couldn't love it more.
We've recently began our journey with baby led weaning. Duncan is taking to it like a fish to water. In only a few days he's gone from being confused about food on his tray to now feeding himself. Food time has gone from stressful to great fun! He's commando crawling like a mad man. He hasn't gotten the hang of crawling on all fours just yet, but that doesn't slow him down in the least. His favourite place to party is underneath the dining room table and under his jumping chair, which is both adorable and hilarious. I'm having a hard time keeping up with everything that happens daily! This little man is learning so many new tricks. The biggest excitement of this month has been the arrival of Duncan's first tooth!

A few of this months highlights included:
-Lots of time spent at the beach as possible.
Including a beach catch up with our mates, the D's!
-Rhyme time at the local library almost every week.
-Duncan and Daddy had a boys night too. Mummy went out with Mother's group for a birthday celebration. Thank goodness Daddy was around the next day too, as Mummy was TIRED.
-Neighbourhood and beach walks in Williamstown.
I've started walking with Duncan most mornings and afternoons during the week just before nap time. It's nice and calming for the both of us.
-Neighbour day event in the neighbourhood.

I'm still trying to write love letters to Duncan as often as I find time. They've gone to more of a weekly activity vs daily, but I like to make them a priority.

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