Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A whole month!

How and I mean how on earth is our baby already a month old?!?
Where does the time magically go?
I think the hardest part of the first month is the fatigue. You want to soak in every single minute of your little one. But you also need sleep, so you can actually take care of the bub and yourself. As soon as he lays down for his evening sleep it's relax mode for me. Quickly shower and lay down within the same hour or so. He's been giving us roughly five hours of sleep as of late. So I need to get my butt to bed as quickly as possible so that I can also get four-five hours myself.

He's been primarily breast feeding the past few days with only 1-2 bottles of expressed milk. I think he was being overfed with the bottle and not necessarily letting us know when he was truly hungry. We also have limited his use of the dummy right back. He only uses it to calm down if he's really worked up (primarily gas/bed time).  He's not a fan of going to bed before 7pm. It's no harm/no foul but we were really stressing ourselves out the first couple of weeks about getting him to bed earlier. Now we know he's a 7:30-8:30 sleeper and if he gets a big enough feed he'll let us sleep between 4-6 hours. Let me tell you how glorious six hours of sleep is! 
Though, I always have to wake before then to pump, but it's all good!
D is a HUGE fan of the outdoors and feeling the wind on his face. 
As soon as he catches a glimpse of trees he calms right down...for now.
We got to catch up with the beautiful midwife who delivered D.
He was a sleepy boy and only woke up for an angry feed just as we were finishing.
Father's Day was really special for us. Paul's Father, John Robert passed away fifteen years ago, this was Paul and Duncan's first Fathers Day as a pair. It was divine. I know John played a huge role in why Paul is such an amazing Father already. We woke up and all laughed and cuddled in bed for an hour or so. Duncan farted and I'm sure we did too. Then we went on a quick workout and got cleaned up for a coffee out. D was a calm boy and let us relax for over an hour. Then we had a leisurely stroll together. We admired all the million dollar plus homes in a near by neighbourhood and thanked our lucky stars that we bought our house when we did.
Cheers to a successful play outdoors and a sleeping baby.
Just kidding, this nap only lasted about 15 minutes. 
Then we had to go on a walk to get back to sleep.

At the moment you turned one month I was breast feeding you from my incredibly sore breast. It's not your fault that I second guessed myself and reinjured my boobie. But we're both improving, sweet boy. Sometimes I get worked up about over/under feeding you, the fact that you have wind, or when you spew. The thing is I'm probably doing something wrong. But that's Motherhood and that's why breastfeeding has such a steep learning curve. We're getting there, and I won't beat myself up too much about it. But I am allowed to get a bit emotional from time to time.

Loads of sensory play and not only reaching for his toys, but actually grabbing them!
Holding onto our fingers and his rattle.
Less time with the dummy/pacifier.
First night on our own without Daddy. We survived!
Beginning to coo or make coo like sounds.
Gained a solid 500 plus grams in weight and grew over an inch!
Played outside and let Mummy crochet for a whole hour, or so.

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