Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The three amigos

Week three with our little Man Bear Pig.

Slam Dunk Forsyth is a little piggy. He knows how to latch now and he does it often. His little cheeks are fattening up and his head keeps growing. It's true what people say 'they grow too fast'. I see changes daily, even hourly. 

I have to pay attention to what I eat/drink. He gets a bit gassy and is not a fan of pooing. So If I want a coffee it needs to be well before/after a feed as I don't like seeing my guy in pain. 

We're working out our 'Daddy's back at work' schedule. Daddy leaves just before six. He brings me some expressed milk bottle ready and we feed when Duncan demands. Then I quickly eat too and have a quick coffee. Depending on how he's going I'll shower or just walk around and do housework till he falls back asleep. Today we put away clothes, and went through the outfits he's growing out of. We were gifted so many gorgeous outfits and I want to make sure he wears them at least once. I tried really hard to organise his outfits before his arrival to make sure this was possible. I know how much I love seeing the gifts I give put to use, so I think it's important to do the same for our loved ones. 

Disclaimer: The above photo is from our two week visit. 
I forgot to add it to the last blog. 
Paul is thinking "put the camera down and listen to the lady". 
I was listening ;)

Here's my hawt 5am cluster feed/expressing hair. 

We've caved and done a small amount of co-sleeping in the wee hours of the morning. He loves it, and it keep us calm too. All supervised!
Our first morning with Daddy back to work!
It went swimmingly. Laundry/dishes/KHB work done!
Tummy time and batting at the toys (a little).
Thanks Rox & Ry for my play gym!

A bit milk drunk. But rocking an adorable outfit that was a gift from our Western Australia friends Kieran, Amy, Charlotte and Will :)
Our first morning alone.
 After a nice chat with Poppy back home we wandered to the mailbox and soaked in some sun together.
"Enough with the photos, give me my damn bottle, Mum!"
Morning two! A bit less smooth, but no complaints. 
Just some poos and spews!

Thanks for the super soft and adorable outfit, Smith family party of 6!

Sunday was such a great day! We got up after two blocks of four and three hours sleep and went on a walk/jog. Duncan and I walk while Daddy jogs. Then we went and did some pull ups/assisted pull ups. After a quick shower we ducked out to the shops and then headed out for lunch. D let us eat for nearly an hour uninterrupted and just as we were finishing he was ready for a change/feed. Daddy changed his nappy in the back of the car and then I fed him in the backseat. We put him back in the pram and enjoyed some more beautiful sun. Daddy even suggested I buy myself something. It actually felt weird, but also really nice. So now I have a hot little number for a date night or girls night out. Now it's tummy time and prep for his next feed. 

Two days on our own without Daddy.
Continued latch improvement.
Teaching Mum & Dad what I really want.
Slept for two four hour blocks on Saturday night!
Went out in the world for nearly a whole day, and fed in the car with Mummy.
Powering through loads of gas (poor guy).
Learning how to play and recognise the outside world.

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