Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Week dos, DRF.

What a week! 
Baby D started full on cluster feeding over the last couple days, so that's been interesting. We were told just when he gets into his routine it'll change, ain't that the truth!

We're trying to make tummy time in some capacity a priority each day. He's been yelling at us for it. But it seems to be giving him some upper body strength. D has rolled over a handful of times (when his arms are properly propped underneath his body. We were told he might do it, and then forget how to. Either way it was amazing to watch. We're learning the newest cues, ie: he ain't no fan of the swaddle, head shaking back and forth means "no dummy, boob juice and pronto!". We've had a few baths and plenty of monster poos. We dragged him to the playground for a little Mummy/Daddy workout. He didn't seem to mind. Mummy is back to a slow pace at work over at Kitschy Honeybees. We also got out to celebrate his second week of life only to forget to lock the house. P had to race back home to lock the door and meet me back at a cafe for a giant meal and soy latte. It was my first on my own (in the real world) moment with D. Thank goodness he was drunk on milk and slept through for me.

Both Poppy and Nana sent me some awesome onesies I can wear when I'm a little bigger and the weather warms up too!


Our little babe with the power.
The power of Voodoo.

Pushing dummy back into my own mouth.
Rolling over.
Making eye contact.
Sleeping in four hour blocks (sometimes).
Killing it at tummy time even though I'm grumpy about it.
Learning how to burp and spewing when necessary ;)
Being generally adorable. 
(heaps more, can't remember them all, as I'm pooped).

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