Wednesday, December 18, 2013


On the fourth day of Christmas Mother Nature gave us sun!
Monday we had not only sun, but warmth! Melbourne's Mother Nature has not been very good to us this spring/summer. If the sun is out the wind is very cold. If it's cloudy the temperature is muggy. Or my personal least favorite if it's cloudy there's rain as well. Monday was a very welcome change. Paul and I got out for a nice long bike ride. After our bike ride we sat outside and took in some sun, wine, and quality time.

In the evening we watched Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.
This is one of my favorite's from childhood.
Paul not so much, he claims it didn't make it to Oz when he was a kid...The jury's still out on that one. A lot of the time he tell's me certain things don't exist in Oz; I often later find out said things just don't exist in his world.

On the fifth day of Christmas we had more sun, and ice cream!

Tuesday we got out for a long jog + workout. We haven't been jogging as far as we usually would this month. Paul hurt his ankle a few weeks ago. Then we went to Perth, so I used the gym for cardio & he avoided jogging. We're finally back to our regular jogging route, and it's feeling good. After dinner we got out for an evening walk. I've found that I sleep the best when we get out for a walk after dinner, last night proved that theory true.

We watched a Jamie Oliver Christmas special.
He's just too cute for his own good that Jamie Oliver.
I'm not sure if any of his shows air in the states. I know they didn't when I was still living there. But for my American friends, Mr. O is a brilliant English chef. He has several television shows with quick, healthy, and delicious recipes. I highly recommend checking him out/buying one of his several cook books.
Shameless plug over.

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love and I went to a home showing.

We hopefully found a rental that suites our needs. We'll apply for it, and see where that goes. While Paul was slaving away at work I was busy crocheting. I've got some more last minute presents to finish up. We also did some more packing, and I wrapped presents. Christmas is just around the river bend, dontcha know!

No Christmas themed movie/show tonight.
 Shrek was on television, and it's just too good to skip.

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