Wednesday, December 18, 2013


On the seventh day of Christmas my true love and I hitched a reindeer ride to Perth.
We shall be flying to Perth this evening to commence our Christmas holiday. Christmas Eve will be with Paul's family for lunch, and the beach. I can't wait to hit the beach with the nephews again. Last year Christian was karate kicking the waves. We'll be staying with the Dempsey 's just like last year. Except, this year Charlotte is walking and talking! I think opening presents Christmas morning  may be a lot more entertaining with a toddler!

I'm just about finished packing. I seriously stress myself out about packing every time. It doesn't make any sense, we fly like every two weeks! However, I think the hardest part of packing for me is the airport outfit. I am a no nonsense gal in the comfort realm, but I don't like to look too homeless. So I over think it, and often end up having to pull something out of the bottom of my already packed bag. Alas, if that's the biggest issue of mine I think I'm being ridiculous for complaining.
For now I'll continue crocheting, and day dream about the mimosa in my future.



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