Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day 3

On the third day of Christmas my true love bought me a secret present.
We went down to a local craft market in the park this morning. I'm not sure what Mr. F found, but I had to keep myself busy for about five minutes while he bought it. I found a cute little bib for a girlfriend who just gave birth to a baby girl! Now I have to get a sweet little package together. We also just found out another couple are expecting their first child as well. I'm so excited I could poop!
After the craft fair we grabbed a bite, and took an extra long bike ride.

A couple photos of the fine art we saw on our ride. 

We're forced by Australian law to wear helmets whilst biking in Oz.
So here's a dorky helmet photo for your viewing pleasure.

We took a bike ride past a rental to time the distance from where we live now. We're scoping out rentals in the area, so we can put our place on the market, and hopefully find a bigger place in our price range/location. There is plenty out there, but the cost of living here is quite high, so we have to be open minded. I'm getting there, the first time we went house hunting my expectations were a bit too high. After doing a bit of searching I've become more reasonable about our options. I'm used to homes in MN with a huge front/backyard, basement, and garage. That is not always an option here. At least in the area we're looking. But there are plenty of homes out here that will suit our needs for the time being. So, after Christmas we'll continue our search.
Dad is coming for a visit in April, he'll be our first of hopefully many visitors out here. We're ecstatic! Come April we'll be going to California for a multi-purpose visit. We'll be able to catch up with our dear friends Katie and Evan whom live in Cali, and another great friend, Justine is flying out to meet us there. Dad will also be meeting us in Cali to fly back to Oz with us. That's one of the motivating forces behind us finding a bigger place sooner vs later. Paul and I both suffer from procrastination, so house hunting hasn't been the number one priority this last year. Well, that and the fact that I only just received my residency here. 2014 is already looking to be a busy year for us. We likely won't be returning to Minnesota until Thanksgiving next year. Unfortunately, flights are far from cheap, and we've got a lot of other traveling to do on the Southern hemisphere. With that said visitors are always welcome to make the treck to us! Hint, hint!

Tonight might be a Christmas movie free evening... not by my choice.


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