Friday, August 16, 2013

Independence day!

First things first.
On July 2nd, 2013 we submitted a major stack (4 pounds) of paperwork to Aus Immigration.
This was something we originally planned on having a year to gather. Well our plans didn't work out as we'd expected. We found out last minute that I did not qualify for the visa that we thought I did. So we were left with the decision to begin the visa process for my permanent residency. All in all this isn't a huge deal. However, we originally planned on having 12 months to do this; not the week that we had. Before our stateside flight we did paperwork every night until bedtime. We somehow got it all done, and submitted just a couple days after we landed in Mn. Then we were left to wait for my FBI check to complete the process. I'm happy to say that has been received and submitted as well. Now we're left to wait. Waiting we can handle. There's no real timeline. We've been told it can take anywhere between 5-12 months. This situation is far from ideal. But we don't have a choice. I had to go and fall in love with someone from another country. I made my bed and now I must lay in it. I will fly back to Oz in September for an extended visit with Mr. F. Then I will come back to Mn. a couple months later while we continue to wait for word from immigration. Well that's the plan anyway, but these things can change at a moments notice!

Boating with the Simpsons!

We spent our fourth of July like most red blooded Americans, on the lake!
The weather was absolutely perfect for boating. 
Dougie and Mandy hosted us on Lake Waconia. 

Mr. F and Dougie were doing what they do best...
being dorks.

We quenched our thirst with a capri sun, courtesy of Mrs. Simpson.
I haden't had one of these in about a hundred years.

Then Doug photo bombed us by showing off his synchronized swimming skills.

I'm so glad I got to show Paul what a real American Independence day is like. After boating we grabbed some subway. Paul and I were so pooped that we skipped fireworks. I'm a little sad that we didn't drag ourselves out of the house. But we were exhausted after a couple days of going non stop. We also saw fireworks the night before at the Twins game, so no harm no foul.

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