Monday, April 29, 2013


I've been Pinspired!

I've been on pinterest a lot lately. I came across a girl's blog about buying thrift shop clothes and refashioning them into whatever her heart desires. 
Ever since I was little I've been obsessed with clothes. I used to make dresses for my barbies with loose fabric & safety pins. At age 18 I begged my Dad to buy me a sewing machine for my birthday. I was convinced with how much I went out that I could fashion my own funky, one of a kind clothes. However, I lost the gas to do so. It has sat for nearly ten years with out use. We had it shipped to Oz, so that I could use it out here. I've now been here nearly nine months and still haven't used it. But we haven't been home all that much either. Once we get back to Melbourne I can guarantee that my poor neglected sewing machine will be getting some love!

For Christmas I made some 'melted snowman cookies'. These were basically just a sugar cookie recipe with icing sugar frosting on top. I used two different things for the heads. One was a coconut covered apricot and the other was a marshmallow cut in half. Believe it or not marshmallow's here are different to marshmallows in the US of A. It's nearly impossible to find a bag of plain white marshmallow's here. Most bags hold white marshmallow's and pink-raspberry marshmallow's. With some serious creeping down in the baking aisle I found some 'American Marshmallows'. They were what I was looking for. But they did make me giggle a bit. The bag had American Flags on it and some Asian writing. They were obviously imported from Asia, but called "American style marshmallows". They did the trick. But they still made me laugh. In the end the cookies turned out as well as I could hope. I thought they would be cute to make here since it's hotter than hades on Christmas.

We've also been saving most of our sauce jars, jalapeno jars, and the like. We went to Bunnings or Bunny's as I call it (the Australian Home Depot) and picked up some gorgeous tiffany blue acrylic paint. I didn't really know what I wanted to use them for. But I painted the hell out of them! By the end I decided to store our sugar, tea, instant coffee, and milo in them.  Much more beautiful for displaying than our previous tupperware.  can also be used for vases. I've got my q-tips in a jar in the bathroom. Most labels come right off after a soak in some hot water with dish soap.

I've also tried egg yolk hair masks. The consistency is a bit weird. I've been reading a bit more online. It's seems like most people suggest to use one yolk, a cup of water, and a varying amount of olive oil. Today I did an egg white/cinnamon face mask. I saved the yolk to make a mask with later.

Another face mask recipe is 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon nutmeg, 2 tablespoons honey, and a few drips of lemon juice. This one can sting a bit depending on how much lemon juice you use. I generally leave it on for about 30 minutes. I like to do it before a shower. The honey makes it a bit difficult to rinse outside of the shower.

Pinterest has also inspired me to try new things with my hair. Well pinterest and instagram that is. I've now attempted pin curls, victory rolls, a sock bun & dutch braiding just to name a few. I've learned as I continue to age the less motivation I have to try new things with my hair. But the internet is giving me a bit of a nudge to keep trying new things. Before I moved I wore extensions in my hair nearly every day. My hair is so fine & still isn't as long as I would like. So extensions gave it the volume & length I was after. Since moving I've had no desire to wear them anymore. I haven't worn extensions once in the nearly nine months I've been here. It's nice to finally feel confident enough to leave the house with out my weave!

Top knot on NYE. This is a go to style now. 

Dutch braid, haven't tried this in a while. I might not remember how to do it!

Channeling my inner pin up. Using grandmas nylon scarf.

Hair's finally getting some length!

 Pin curls (no heat) post and during.

Victory roll

Pin curls with heat.

More 'victory rolls'

I've also been trying new things with my claws.

These were a real biotch to pull off. I don't think I'll try them again. Too much polish & drying time.
Ombre nails with a sponge. This was fun. I did it for the first Dockers game we went to. 
Their colours are purple and white.

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