Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fush n chups

Sorry for the lack of blogage lately. I feel like I've got nothing to blog about lately. I don't like being the person that takes pictures of everything. But I also really like having pictures of everything. So from here on out, I vow to not give a what. If there's something I want a picture of please believe I'm going to annoy anyone around me and take that pictcha!

On our walk back to the Quest after the Anzac Day March we heard something buzzing coming from above. When we looked up we saw a flying go cart. I believe they work with the same principle of parasailing. I've done parasailing once about ten years back in Mexico with Jessica, hey Jess! It was great fun. But I don't know if I'd be willing to try this wonky flying apparatus! 

Paul had to fly back to Melbourne in the evening on Anzac Day. We tried to make the most of the day while we could. I'd say we did pretty well. We managed to go for a jog, then head out to the march with Amy and Charlotte. After the march we indulged in an adult beverage with Mr. Dempsey. We worked up quite an appetite from our early days activities. So we decided to grab fish n chips at good ol' Kailis bros. Before moving to Oz I didn't even like fish, and I'd never tried fish n chips. Now I love it & I crave it a little too regularly. 

I'm a big fan of the cider lately.

Mr. F is a beer man. Today he opted for mid strength, being that he had a drive ahead of him.

Paul went for the 'seafood delight basket' according to him. Contents: Two squid rings, two deep fried prawns, and two deep fried scallops, along side some snapper.

I went for the stand by order of plain ol' fish n chips.

A really nice stranger offered to take our photo. Thanks good samaritan! 

You can also buy fresh fish at Kailis. We've bought salmon there just once. To be fair I can't say it was any better than just buying it from the grocery store. But for us buying from Kailis is more convenient than making a trip to the store. We're only a two minute walk from Kailis!

It's not very easy to see. But this particular seagull is f#@%ing huge! Why you say?...

Despite the numerous signs, clearly stating to not feed the sky rats, people still do it. As we were walking up we saw a Dad and his children happily, with shit eating grins, feeding the birds some fries. They are so cocky. They'll fly up to your table while you're still sitting there. They are literally everywhere here, and they have the worst squawk ever!

The dingo ate my....We walk past this dingo statue daily & I had to get a pic.

Photographic proof of an alien life form in the kitchen, aka a cock roach.

In other news: This week I woke to find a cock roach in our hotel kitchen. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In all my time here I've been really lucky to avoid gross bugs and the like. After nine months I was face to face with the enemy. I really didn't know what to do. I opened the balcony door in hopes that it would crawl out. No such luck. I then texted Paul "there's a FUCKING cock roach in the kitchen!!!!!! What do I do?". By the time he called me it had crawled into the laundry closet. He instructed me to squish it with a shoe if I need to. But according to Paul, cock roach's are very docile. Yeah, so?! They're disgusting! I didn't do any laundry that day. By the time Paul got home from work I hadn't seen or heard it all day. He thinks it crawled up a drain from under the washing machine. Every morning since I'm very cautious where I walk, and I make sure I've assessed my surroundings before stepping into the kitchen. Here's hoping I don't have to see another one anytime soon.

Ps: That same morning was one of the most glorious sunrises I've ever seen (in person).

Memorable wild animal sightings thus far:
Zebra fishie
Cock roaches...ick

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