Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Knittin' kitten!

I've been knitting my days away. Thanks to the Mumma in law for teaching me. It took me weeks to finish my first project. But I've finally got into a rhythm now. I can't seem to stop! Each day I'm thinking of something else to knit. 

I made a sleeve for my phone/camera & added a bow to it. It's a bit messy, but I still dig it!

The first headband I made was VERY messy. I couldn't keep my stitches on track. 
So I made another one and added a bow!

I also made a circle scarf with several bits of yarn from Nanna.

I'm obviously not the greatest...yet! I'm practicing the knit stich at the moment. Once I've perfected that I'll move onto another project. I'm using a size 6 1/2 mm straight needles. There's such a wide variety of needle options. I want to make sure I feel really confident with the needles I'm using before I switch to another set. I'm working my way into making a beanie. But all the tutorials I watched online for beanies were a bit advanced at the moment. Paul's quite cute. He upsells me on the quality of my work. 

Oh, Ryan.

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