Friday, April 12, 2013

A weekend at home.

This previous weekend was spent back at home. When we purchased our tickets for the xx concert we didn't realize just how long we'd be in Perth. We had to make a special trip home for the show. I was actually looking forward to going home to switch out some of my clothes. I've been recycling the same garbs for the past couple months. Although, I must admit I have done a bit of shopping. I have no issues with admitting that I have a legit shopping addiction. It all started when I was in middle school. I wanted certain things that my parents would never buy. So as soon as I was in high school I looked for a job. Once I started getting pay checks I spent almost every penny shopping. I literally attempted to wear a different outfit every day of the year in senior year of high school. I saved up a couple pay checks just to buy my first Coach purse. I still have that purse, but I don't think I would ever carry it again. That continued until I was about 21. At 21 I still shopped way too much, but less than years prior.

Onwards and upwards...We landed in Melbourne just before midnight. We caught a cab home to a powerless house. While away in Perth our meter was switched out. The power company would not turn the power back on with out someone in the house. They have an after hours number that apparently is a joke. Because, Paul was home over a month ago & they refused to send someone out. We later found out that someone was just being lazy, big surprise. I was quite excited to check the mail box (even though it was the middle of the night). I'm glad I did, because I found a lovely card from my Daddy. Back to the power...I had to read the card under phone light. But I didn't care. It was the best surprise to come home to. There's something exciting about finding 'real' mail from a loved one. Little surprises like this one are what help get me thru the 'lonely' times away from the family.

Dad sent me some pictures of my car back home. The car has a couple feet of snow atop it. As silly as it sounds (to Minnesotans), I'm missing snow. I've never been away from home during an entire winter. I know plenty of Minnesotans are absolutely fed up with the snow. But you don't know what you've got till it's gone! ...Or something like that. With that said I have absolutely no complaints about the beautiful Perth weather. I'm a beach bum. I do my best work laying on the sand, or so my boyfriend says! I knew we were a match on our first trip together. He was completely content to just lay like vegetables on the beach.

After the footy game on Saturday we decided to walk around the city a bit. We haven't been back in Melbourne for more than a weekend in about five months. When we left it was still considered winter. The weather in Melbourne can be rather unpredictable. Paul and I call it bi-polar. The sun will be shining one minute, and in the next minute the clouds roll in, and we are listening/watching a rain storm. So when we had a beautiful arvo left after the game we took advantage! I took a few photos of some of the things that make Melbourne so beautiful. Sorry for the crap photos. I used my phone for these ones.

The Melbourne trams are the largest network tramway in the world. 
They've been operating since 1884. 

Melbourne is pronounced 'Melburn'. If you hear an Aussie say it, it sounds like 'Melbin'. They use very soft r's. So when I saw this street art I had to take a photo.

I'm still trying to wear in these new boots. They are proving to be a bit tighter than I thought they were when I decided I 'needed' them. After our walk I was left with a couple unattractive blisters on my feet.

We found a trumpet playing Elmo. We then continued to walk.

On our walk we found a bagpipe playing Cookie Monster!

On Sunday we had nearly the whole day before our flight. We slept in a bit and decided to go out for brekkie. We went to a relatively new restaurant down the road from home. We've been wanting to go there for a while. But we hadn't been home long enough to go! We started our meal with a cappuccino for Mr. F and a soy mocha for yours truly. They made a mean cup of Joe! My pancakes on the other hand left a bit to be desired. I'm not a fan of syrup, even though I feel like Buddy the Elf and I have striking similarities. I've now learned that if I order pancakes I MUST remember to state no syrup. For whatever reason whenever I eat a breakfast with too much sweetness I end up with a tummy ache. I can't believe parents have been telling the truth about not eating sweets before a meal for all this time!

Now for the piece de resistance: Sour Gummy Worms....pause for reaction. They are my favorite candy! Finding these babies in Oz is like finding a needle in a haystack. Well not that difficult. I suppose I'm being dramatic. They do sell them at one store in Williamstown for about a million dollars. Or you can find a gallon of them at the grocery store. I do not need a gallon. I would end up eating every last one & that is not a good look! While walking to our plane in Melbourne I decided to stare down the candy kiosk. I spotted the gummy worms. I thought about them for about a minute. I then all but demanded $3 from my boyfriend to go buy some. Best money I've ever spent. Please believe I ate every one of them on our 3.5 hour flight! Thank you to the Sweet Doctor at Melbourne airport. I'll see you next time!

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