Thursday, April 11, 2013

Heave ho, Freo!

While back in Melbourne for the weekend we were also able to catch a Fremantle, Dockers game. I'm still in limbo about who I go for yet. But at the moment, it's easy enough to support the team my boyfriend goes for. So, with that said we were off to a rare game in Melbourne. We also had a rare, but beautiful amount of sun in Melbourne. It was an afternoon game. The sun was out and very warm in Williamstown. But Williamstown weather generally varies vastly to the city. So, alas again I had no idea what to wear. I hate being cold. But I also HATE sweating in public. We've only been to night games so far, so I haven't had to worry about being too warm. For whatever magical reason Melbourne was warm and perfect while we were home. We took the train there. Paul was the only Dockers supporter on the train. It was a Bull Dogs (a Footscray/local team) vs. Dockers (Fremantle/away/way less supported team) game.The game was at Etihad stadium. I had never been there yet. I actually really liked that stadium. It seemed like most seats there would have a good view of the field.

Waiting at the train station. I'm rockin' Paul's laniard.

This poor umpire took a very muscley player at full speed to the knee.

The game was at a stand still for a few minutes.

The poor guy was stretchered off the field. He ended up with a ligament injury. 
He'll be out of the game for the remainder of the season.



This song kills me every time.

Le media.

Some fine specimen. 

Look at those quads, ladies...

Mr. F.

The masses leaving the stadium.

Twisted steel.

Melbourne Town

Look at that face

The train station in the city.

It's only the beginning of the season. But so far the Dockers are looking good. This makes Mr. F very happy. Which in turn makes me very happy. I actually really enjoy watching footy. I love going to the games. It's 100% more entertaining than NFL. They are also such intense athletes. To anyone that gets a chance to check out an AFL game, I would highly recommend doing so. I hope my fam is here at some point during a season, so we can take them to a game.

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