Monday, October 8, 2012

Spring Forward!

The weather is turning around in Melbourne. The past two days we made it down to the beach. Paul went for a jog while I laid in the sun & did some light reading. I've always envied women who would lay in the grass by themselves and read. I never had enough confidence to sit alone in public & read. I'm finally there & the feeling is exquisite.  It's funny how much you learn about yourself when you have the time. I've started jogging a few days a week and given up eating most meat. I still eat fish from time to time. It is a bit difficult to get the nutrients I need. But I'm still learning. Paul found some delicious veggie burgers. We've tried veggie burgers once before & they were awful. But the ones he picked up today are splendid! It makes it so much easier not to go back to my old ways and eat red meat. I'm starting to feel healthier than I've felt in ages. I know I've lost weight, because my clothes are fitting better. But I haven't been weighing myself. It's easy to work out and eat better when you don't work full-time. Paul is my personal trainer. He jogs almost every day. I quite enjoy jogging with him. We jog down to the beach and do a bit of a leg work out with park benches or park equipment. We also eat at home nearly every night, so we can dictate the calories we take in much easier. I still have my fair share of ice cream. That is something I will NEVER give up to shrink my waist line. We found some soy/gluten free ice cream at the store. The first bite was GROSS. But now it's yummy. I know I'm lactose intolerant, so I've given up regular milk as well. Suffice it to say it's quite nice finally having the time to take care of myself & eat better. Slowly, but surely Paul and I are redecorating the flat. We've got some new bedding, a buffet, and a couple of end tables. The salvation army here has some pretty awesome finds. I gave up on the Sal at home. 

Loving this quote. The further I get into my twenties the more I continue to grow.
Lying on my back while staring at the clouds and reading a good book are one of life's simple pleasures.

 This sign is down by the beach. It must be old as dirt, but it makes me giggle.
 Flowers make me smile.

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