Saturday, October 20, 2012

Getting down in Perth!

October marks one year cancer free for my Dad. Happy First Birthday, Daddy! We couldn't be luckier to have the caring, kind, burger loving Dad that we've got! We love you very much! I'm a better woman for having you as my Daddy! Right now Dad is renovating the upstairs of his house so that we have a comfortable place to stay when we come to the States. Thanks, Daddy! Love you!

 The weather is bi-polar. But we still try to get outside when we can. Last week we went on a few jogs or walks. On Saturday we did a bit of running around. I drove for the first time. Paul drove us to a fairly calm area and I took on the open road. The only problem was a large piece of wood in the middle of the road on our way home. Slowly but surely it will get easier. We also checked out a run down house,  with a outback dunny in the backyard! And placed a bet on the races. The horse races have officially begun. They are a huge deal in Oz. Dare I say bigger than the Kentucky Derby. There are races all over the country. But most are in Melbourne. Last week we made our first bet together on a horse. Our horse came in third, so we made a whole 8 bucks! Next week we'll be at the races. I have a dress to wear...or a few dress options. Now I need to find a fascinator and a hand bag. 

Paul had some work in Perth for a week. So I tagged along. We arrived in Perth on Sunday night. It was a bit too late to do anything on Sunday. On Monday Paul started work. After work we worked out at the hotel gym and sat in the sauna and spa bath. After we worked on our figures we went on a little walk in Fremantle. We started with a beer sampler, gelato, then we walked down by the water, and he showed me where the cattle exporters depart from. Down by the water there was some pretty sweet architecture. I liked these steel animal cut outs. There were about ten different ones. But the rat and the naked lady were my favourite. After our walk we stopped into Pizza Bella Roma, Paul explains it as "the best pizza in Freo!" We had a bit of confusion with the menu. It clearly states at the top that every pizza comes with cheese, sauce and a flour pizza base. Turns out one of the pizzas we ordered came with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic, and Parmesan. It's a good thing I asked Paul to ask them to overcook it, because that's when we found out it was a cheese-less pizza! Needless to say, we added cheese and it was still delicious. Paul ordered a meat lovers. In the time he ate his whole pizza, I had two and half slices of mine. His food never goes cold.

 We tried a beer sampler at a bar called Monk in Fremantle. I'm not typically a fan of dark beers. But all their dark beers were actually quite good. With the exception of one. It was described as a fruity beer. But I think it tasted more like a garlic piece of bread. After our beers we decided to start with Gelato for dinner and have pizza for desert. Paul had a Pistachio and Cappuccino cone. I had a Triple chocolate and hazelnut cone. We both really like the Cappuccino and Triple Choc, but the nut ice cream literally tasted like nuts. It's like they forgot to throw sugar into the recipe.


 I thought this looked like a tree cleverly disguised as a pine tree.

We also got to spend some time with the family. We saw Mum and Pauls brother Mick, along with Ness and the boys. Mum gave us some flower pots and some of Paul's great Grandma's jewelry for me, a necklace and earrings. I'm very excited to put the jewelry to good use! We need to get one of the earrings fixed and a 9 carrot gold chain for the necklace per Mums orders. Then we went out to dinner with Pauls sister, brother in law, and nephews on Tuesday. The boys were hilarious as always. We found out that they not only love LMFAO, but they also love Gangnam Style and they know the dance. It's been decided that the song must hold subliminal messages for kids, because all kids seem to love it!

On Thursday we took a drive down to Mullaloo Beach. On our way there we stopped off to grab a bite to eat. We were near the water. While we were eating we saw a plane flying low and sirens sounding. Paul's explanation was that there must have been a shark sighting. Once we made it to Mullaloo we took a walk down by the water. Paul used to go down here with his family as a boy. The water was crystal clear and the sand was incredibly soft. There weren't too many people there. The weather was warm, but the wind was a bit chilly. We did quite a bit of driving, and I didn't get car sick until we were nearly back to the hotel. Anyone who's driven with me knows I get car sick super easy. Pretty much the only person I can ride in a car with, with out getting sick is my Dad.

Cute sidewalk art.

Back home, safe and sound in Melbourne and no worse for wear. Apart from the fact that I forgot my hair straightener at home for the week we were away....and it was turned on. Well, the house didn't burn down and I'll never forget my straightener again. We also found a fascinator and hand bag in Perth for spring carnival races next weekend! Time to watch a movie and catch some zzz's.

xo, Meaghan

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