Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week 3!

I've now been in Australia for nearly a month. Everyday I'm learning something new about myself & Paul. We've accomplished a few milestones in our relationship. We now have a phone account together, a bank account, I have a job, and last but not least....I've finally met his family & close friends!

We took a weekend trip to Perth this past weekend. It was a wonderful time. We stayed in the Swan Valley the first night & spent the day with Paul's sister Ness, and his nephews Jordan (7) & Christian (3). We took a little trip to a chocolate shop, a local park, and a local vineyard for some lunch. They boys are very active & quite hilarious. They love their uncle Paul & I was so happy that we were able to spend some quality time with them. Later in the day we took a little drive to Hamilton Hill. There I met Kieran, Amy, Baby Charlotte (1 month) & Morphy the dog. We had to take some time away to take care of some adult business (taxes). But we headed straight back to Hilton just in time to hold little Charlotte before she retired for the evening. The big kids spent the remainder of the evening drinking adult beverages & catching up. The following day was my 26th birthday (gulp). I woke up to a card & a picture of some rad boots (coming via etsy) from my darling boyfriend. We crawled out of bed & headed into the kitchen to find new Dad, Kieran up & brewing some coffee. I was able to drink down some coffee & skype with my hilarious family back in Minnesota for a bit. Molly, Kevin, Joe, Mom & even Grandma Rita in town from Hawaii. Molly was the ring leader. Kevin was the funny face maker. Joe had the one liners. Mom was crying & Grandma was attempting to fill me in on Lanai. After that entertaining video call we were greeted with cuddles from Charlotte post her morning breaky & some awesome Australian inspired gifts from the Dempseys. I now have a six pack cooler with the Australian flag, the Castle on DVD, two Australia t-shirts, & the very best of Australia on CD. I've already used the cooler :) Later in the day we met back up with Ness & the boys over at Mrs. Forsyths. I met Paul's Mum & his younger brother, Michael. We had a delicious chocolate mudslide cake & some laughs. Paul & I took a little alone time & ventured to Fremantle later in the day. He surprised me with a trip to a piercing shop. I told him a couple weeks earlier that I was yearning to have my nose repierced. He sweetly surprised me & brought me down to the shop. After we soaked up some some & enjoyed a couple local brews we headed back to hang with the Dempsey's. Both Amy & Kieran cooked up a delicious meal including prawns on the barbie! K-man surprised me with my first pavlova adorned with sparklers. We played a bit of board games & hit the hay pretty early. Sunday was a chill day. We had a delicious brunch down in South Beach. Soaked in a bit more sun & stopped at one last friends before heading to the airport.

Sunday was Paul & my 'decided' anniversary. We met on my birthday (July 21st) in 2011. Both of us mutually decided without discussing that we were together. We had a quite enjoyable flight home filled with wine, laughs, & serious discussion. It's safe to say that I fall deeper in love everyday that I'm here. We're so lucky to have managed  a year long long distance relationship to finally be together now. Although I miss my family & friends more than words can describe this kind of love is worth it. We'll be in Tahoe, California in just 3 weeks. Not only will I be a part of my dear friend Brittany's wedding...but my Dad & bro are flying out to see Paul & I. How lucky am I?!

Signing off for now,
xo Meaghan

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