Monday, August 13, 2012

A few snap shots over the past month.

         A collaborative of photos over the past month.

Self explanatory from my going away bbq. It was a sweaty day to say the least.
I felt very loved. Some of my oldest friends made it. 
Including my beautiful friend Katie who flew in from Florida. 

This was at Lax just before the long flight to Melbourne. We were very lucky & had a direct flight. It was also in the at about 11pm. I slept almost the whole flight. Very tolerable for my first international flight.

One of the ports in Melbourne. We go on walks fairly often when the weather permits.

This is just before sunset while out on a walk.

Almost every yard has flower bushes. They are all lovely.
I like these for obvious colorful reasons.

This is the view of a spot I like to jog.

A beautiful view of the port & a Melbourne Sunrise.

A ferris wheel in Fremantle, Western Australia. The weather was excellent, so Freo was quite busy. I've found that most of Western Australia seems to be very family friendly. Most restaurants have playgrounds for kids to jump around on. One brewery had a giant sandbox.

Sunset over the Indian Ocean in Rockingham. 

On my birthday Paul surprised me by taking me to a piercing shop.
I told him a few weeks prior that I really wanted it pierced again. He listens :)

My first footy game. The Hawthorn Hawks vs. Geelong Cats. The Cats smashed the Hawks.

Outside of the footy field-the Melbourne Cricket Ground

On our drive into the city.

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