Sunday, August 12, 2012

USA bound!

We went on a lovely walk yesterday.
Monday August 13th.

It's been just over a month since moving to Australia. No big changes. I'm working at the RSL across the street from home. We fly back to the states tomorrow morning for two weeks. We'll be in Tahoe California for dear friends-the Bruno/Garvey wedding. We drive fly from Melbourne to LAX, LAX to Reno & drive from Reno to Tahoe. Should be quite an exhausting day. In Tahoe my Dad and brother will be waiting for us to spend a bit of time while we're in the states. We have Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday all day with the fam. Thursday will be nails in the morning with the bride and rehearsal/rehearsal dinner in the evening. I'm so looking forward to seeing both family & friends!! After Tahoe we head to Louisville, Kentucky for five days. Paul will be working while we're there. It gives us the opportunity for him to meet co-workers while in the states. I'll be lounging by the pool (weather permitting). Time to get packing! I had the hard realization that I needed to pack 14 pairs of underwear, ugh!

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