Friday, August 1, 2014

Home Owner's!

Paul and I recently bought our first home together; as most of our family and friends know. 

We've been very busy bee's this last 8 weeks. Truthfully, we've been crazy busy since I got back to Oz last September. But more on that in future blogs. I've really neglected this little baby. 

Lots of Saturdays at home opens. After home opens came a few bank visits. After bank visits came auctions. Following our auction came packing. Next step was the big move. Finally after the move came unpacking, and more unpacking, oh and more unpacking. Moving was a relatively smooth operation. We only had one major mishap. Our washing machine took a digger down a flight of stairs. But that's what happens when you move with me as the hired muscle.  

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention I just turned 28 too! 
I'm now staring 30 square in the eye. 

We're still very much settling in. I'm a bit indecisive when it comes to house stuff. Paul is very patient with me. We don't have any one room completely set up.  However, each room is clean and organized enough for now! 

We are approaching our second week in the new house. I thought I'd share a few photos with you fine people. There are many more photos to come. But I haven't uploaded them yet, and I'm just too lazy right now. 

Here's Mr. F cooking our first meal in the new house: Pesto Tuna Pasta. 
This has quickly become my favorite go to meal from him. Paul never disappoints when he whips this medley up! 

 Over this past week we made a trip to Masters (Aussie version of Lowe's). It was purely a 'let's see what they have' visit. Well, we walked out with three rose bushes, rose soil, potting soil, four planting pots, and laundry detergent. That evening we decided it was as good a time as any to plant our new roses. Paul carefully removed the ferns that the builders planted. He then transplanted them in our new pots. Then it was time to flex my green thumb. After he did all the hard work (digging holes), I planted the roses. We are now the proud adoptive parents of three rose bushes. Time will tell if they accept us as their new guardians. 

Out of nowhere Kitschy Honeybees has also been on a steady incline. I've recently had more orders than I could have ever expected! When it rains it pours. Funny how when we had nothing going on I was just crocheting to pass time. Now I can't find enough hours in the day. BUT I am absolutely LOVING every minute of it. I am contributing to our household, and doing what I love. It feels stupendous! Shout out to my fabulous customers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I promise I'll be less neglectful of the blog, Dad. 

Ps: To our wedding guests-Flights become available in only two months! For any of you wondering our wedding date is booked in for October 3, 2015 at Royal Lahaina Resort on Maui, Hawaii. We're having a sunset ceremony followed by a reception. We're toying with when to send out our invitations, as we won't be doing save the dates. Time flies when you're having fun! 

Pps: Paul and I have purchased flights back to Minnesota for Christmas. During that time I'll have my bridal shower on December 13, 2014. There are also whispers of a Bachelorette party to follow that evening. More to come on those subjects. 

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