Wednesday, September 18, 2013

LaLa Land.

On our way back down under we had a layover in La.
We chose to extend that layover from 4 hours to two days/one night.

We touched down just before 11am. 

Thursday to do list:
Beachside nap-check

In the evening our lovely friend Katie drove out to La to see us.
Neither of us had seen her in over a year. She did fly to Mn. from Fl. to see me before my big move. Her and her husband just recently moved to Ca. She fought thru three hours of traffic to come see us for a dinner date. We ended up talking/laughing for hours. Then we realized it was midnight & we're old. We were all three exhausted. Katie set out on her drive home (hopefully with less traffic). Until next time, my love! 
Conveniently enough, La is always our layover destination. 
I foresee many more La dinner's with Mr. & Mrs. Dockter.

On Friday morning we mulled over what to do for entirely too long. We're both very indecisive. We also just want to make each other happy. We end up saying "it's up to you" back and forth about a million times. Until finally I make a decision :) It was finally decided that several cabs would cost more than just renting a car for the day. So rent a car we did,

Friday to do list: 
Hit coffee bean-check
Take a scenic drive-check
Griffith observatory-check

Unfortunately, in La there is almost always traffic. A few mile drive can take several hours. We only had time to drive to and from the Griffith Observatory. But we are very happy we did. We drove from Venice to the Hollywood Hills and back. Our drive was filled with plenty of sights to be seen. We drove past several landmarks. We even saw the Scientology center. I looked for Tommy Cruise, but alas, he was nowhere to be found. Paul thought he was probably inside for a boards meeting.

The Laugh Factory: This is one of the most famous comedy clubs in the world.

Crossroads of the world: This was in the movie Argo, Paul spotted it.

We also drove past Charles Bronson Avenue.
 Mr. F was pleased as punch about this!

 We spotted Wee Man being arrested...well kind of.

 Griffith Observatory: This was a few minute drive up the Hollywood Hills for a breathtaking view of La. There is also a wealth of information about the galaxy. It was free of charge. We will definitely be going back when we have more time. I would certainly recommend it to friends.

We found this James Dean statue, with an ode to his movie: Rebel without a cause. I instantly thought of my Dad. This is one of his favourite movies, and coincidentally we were just talking about the flick the night before our flight.

Downtown La.
 That tiny white spec in the distance is the Hollywood sign.

 This was on the ceiling in the Griffith Observatory.

We <3 La.

How rad is it that a liquor store is called Bogie's?!

Although, short our stay in La was sweet.
We can't wait to get back! If not for the glorious weather, for the company of Mr. & Mrs. Dockter. 

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