Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Party in the USA.

Home Sweet Home.
Life has been busy, busy, busy.
But I'm loving time with the friends and fam.

Our flight came in on Sunday the 30th at 6:30am.
Once we hit the ground I hopped in the drivers seat and took us straight to Caribou. We did some grocery shopping, unpacked and headed to our BBQ.
There was no time for a nap to be had, unfortunately.

Dad and Joshy Loo.
Don't judge my awkward stance.

Juzzy, Mumma, Molls, and Hailey.

My Sister made the cutest dessert.

Juzzy <3

TCSpine girls.

The boy.

Mom and I.

Paul with baby Audrey <3

Paul is proud to be an Aussie-American :)

The BBQ had good food, great weather, and amazing people. 
We had a great turnout. We're so lucky to have such amazing friends and family. By the end of the day it's safe to say that we were both walking zombies. It was a really crazy long day for us, but so very worth it. I even had a bite of a hamburger! Sorry Vegetarian, gods!

Suffice it to say we slept like, well like we'd just flown half way across the world. Our flight debacle was one for the books. Our original flight was delayed by 13 hours. So instead of arriving at 5pm on the 29th, we arrived at 6:30am on the 30th. We had to contact a Delta call center to correct our connecting flight, because of course Delta couldn't be bothered doing so. In between all of that Paul and I were seated in separate rows from Melbs to LAX. I was asked more questions at customs than Paul (the foreigner) was asked. Our luggage took almost two hours at LAX (this happens every other flight for us). The Virgin staff ignored us as best they could with any info on what was going on with our luggage. We almost missed our layover (which was over 3 hours). Then we hopped on our red eye flight. We were separated again on our LAX to MSP flight. Winge, winge, winge. I know it's all so tough for us. But, seriously all of that made our 20 hours of travelling very frustrating. I went from loving Virgin Airlines to being very frustrated with them. I went from having a stern distaste for Delta to hating them. I would think twice about flying with either airline again. There's my unsolicited opinion on that matter.

Slowly, but surely I'll continue to update the bloggity blog. 
I've been slacking  lacking any time to do so.
But cheers to one of many updates on mine and Paul's time in Mn.

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