Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Time is ticking!

We are nearing the end of our countdown!
We have just nine days until we check in for our flight stateside!

Paul and I have both started our packing.
He's much further than I am...big surprise.
But I have made progress!

I managed to lose a bit of weight since moving.
So fortunately, and unfortunately I have to try on a bunch of my clothes before I pack them!
I also have to get a couple things taken in, so I can't bring them. No complaints here!

To all our friends and family: We are hosting an informal bbq at Lake Calhoun, Thomas Beach on June 30th at 2pm.
We'll be covering some of the food and drinks.
But we're counting on everyone to provide some of their own as well.

This is the day after our 24 hour flight across the pond. So we won't have much time for organizing. But as to be expected we are crazy busy the whole time we're home. This was our only free Sunday, and we had to seize the day! If I go by the facebook rsvp a lot of people will be there! But....I won't take that too seriously. Last time we were home we stretched ourselves pretty thin. It was a little too much. This time we're hoping our friends/fam can come to us (we did fly 10,000 miles after all). Guilt trip, guilt trip! Anyways.... I hope to see all you wackos! I miss everyone more than words can describe. This has been one of the best, but one of the hardest years of my life. I don't deal with separation anxiety very well.

With that said, come on everybody, let's parteh.

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