Monday, June 17, 2013

Fathers Day!

Just a little Fathers Day shout out to my sweet Dad
(and all my uncles/cousins/friends/bro in law that are also amazing Daddy's).

Dad and I had a hilarious chat today about all of what's going on back home. He's been sharing his left over pizza with some neighbourhood squirrels. But he's since decided to save his extra pizza for himself & to give the squirrels some bread. Although, he's not very pleased with said squirrels. "The bastards have been getting leaves all over my driveway".  He's also managed to purchase all new appliances for the remodelled upstairs. So we'll have a brand new kitchen to cook in when we're back home in just two weeks time! Dad also made a trip to the Salvos and found a lovely picture for less than $7.99 with a senior discount, he thinks I'll be quite pleased with that gem. Dad & Josh got out today for lunch and a small motorcycle rally. I wish I could have joined, but I'm glad they had a nice afternoon (despite Dad's sunburn).

My Dad has been a driving force in the person I've become today.
We've had our disagreements about plenty of my life choices.
But he's always managed to always stay supportive.
I'm thankful everyday for my wacky/wonderful/compassionate/burger loving Daddio.

Here's to you, Dad. Love you!

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