Monday, June 10, 2013

Fun in Freo

We're quite lucky to be staying right in the heart of Fremantle. We've been here for just about seven months now. We have the luxury of knowing many people here, as Paul was born and raised in Perth. Because of that we also have the luxury of having an 'insiders' knowledge of places to check out. Amy was sweet enough to let me borrow her bike. We've taken many mini adventures on the bikes the past several weekends. 

A few weekends back we decided to take a ride to North Coogee; we parked the bikes and 'climbed' a little hill. We had a whale of a time wandering around an abandoned power station. We didn't go inside the building itself, as it was closed from asbestos contamination (I think). Ain't nobody got time for that. But we did take a few photos of the cool graph that wraps around all the concrete on the remaining lower walls. The building is incredibly striking. I snapped several photos. I expected to zoom in and find zombies staring from the windows. The setting feels very post apocalyptic. It's quite eerie, but strikingly beautiful at the same time.

Don't judge my outfit. I had no idea it would be so warm on the ride. 
So I had to take off my long sleeve.

"Heaps", how very Aussie.

"Just two mates painting a wall..."

After the urban-sploring we continued down the road for a cold brew.
We took in the air and the last bits of sunlight.

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