Wednesday, June 5, 2013

21 Days!

According to my Dad I've been slacking.
I suppose he's right. Sometimes I'm just lacking things to talk about.
Here's a recap of the last week. Warning: There's a lot of photos!

Only 21 more days until we check in for our flight back home!
Time has absolutely flown by the last six weeks. We've kept ourselves quite busy.

Except on days that the rain keeps us indoors.

Last week we spotted a beautiful full day moon.

This week and last week have been full of Skype dates with people like these two dorks.

I made another flower crown for the trip home. 
My brother doesn't understand their purpose.

We had a another wonderful weekend.
Saturday we got back to basics. We were well over due for a pancake Saturday! Paul whipped up some delicious pancakes. Then we walked into Freo for a coffee, and some errands. I picked out some new glasses for our trip home. Paul got a haircut. The poor guy really needed it. He had a real life mullet. After our errands we made our way to the Kaysers to watch some footy. While the boys watched the game, Hailey and I (who's 3) played picnic. After the game was finished we were park bound. Paul and I stood back and watched while the parents chased their children around the park. We didn't hang around too long. We had to go to the shops for some sweat pants I was after. We didn't find them. But I did get to drive all around the town. We finished our Saturday with a beer and a cider, and a gorgeous sunset view.

Sunday morning we were up early.
We walked out to this beautiful sight on our way to the car.

Then we hopped in the car towards Jordans soccer game. It was a very chilly morning. I don't know how the kids did it with their t-shirts and shorts. We got to watch Jordan do some running around & some dancing on the field with his mates.

Paul got this action shot of Jordan looking very agile.

Then he got this one of Jordan falling :p
Christian kept himself busy with phone games.

We then went on a manhunt for something to eat. There was almost nothing open on Sunday for brekkie. We hit up a buffet at the sister in laws suggestion. I don't know if it was good as she built it up to be, sorry Van! But we enjoyed the quality time.
Christian buttering things like the adults.

Jordan with a mouth full of food!

After brekkie we hit up a local park, so the boys could work off the bacon!

I couldn't resist taking a ride on a koala.

Teeter-totter with Christian.
The birds! There were an insane amount of birds at the park.

How cute is this cockatoo?!?

Uncle Paul, king of the kids.

Uncle Paul, Hot Mummy, and the boys.

 The boys were very patient for all the photos :)

Duck, duck, goose! Or duck, duck grey duck as I always said.

Duckies everywhere in the lake.

After we parted ways with Ness and the boys we took our usual Sunday bike ride. We made our way down to the swan river again. We spotted a wedding at the cricket ground, tons of dead jelly fish, and a boat awkwardly tipping to one side. We also jealously gazed at all the beautiful boats and homes.

I was lucky enough to see Ness and the boys again on Tuesday. They picked me up and we headed over to Mums to go grab a bite. We hit the cafe down the road from Mums for some coffee and chips! After some quality time with Mum and Uncle Mick we went to....yep, you guessed it, the park! The boys got to play while Ness and I laxed and chatted. I absolutely love spending quality time with them. I told Paul last night that I was pissed about how far away we live from them. Hint, hint, Vanessa! Although, I can't really talk. We do still "live" in Melbourne after all.

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