Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blog a day in May: Day 2

Day 2: Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at. 
Take any approach you'd like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic).

I find this topic rather difficult. I don't feel like I'm overly good at or educated in any particular topic.
I chose to defer to my boyfriend in hopes that he would give me some brilliant idea.

Alas, he thinks I'm good at everything according to him. I beg to differ.
Some of his suggestions are as follows:

Mr. F-"You're really good at knitting."
Me-"No I'm not, I'm still learning."

Mr. F-"You're really good at being crafty. You love saving jars."
Me-"I'm really good at saving jars?!"

Mr. F-"You're really good at getting cards & writing things to people."
Me-"Aw, yes. I am good at writing things to people?!"

Mr. F-"You're good at loving me."
Isn't he cute...

Mr. F-"You're good at shopping."
Me-"Yes! Yes I am!"

So there you have it folks. My boyfriend has enough confidence in me for the both of us. I chose to go the funny/sarcastic route. That's a bit more up my alley. As I've stated a fair few times I'm addicted to shopping. I'd say it all started when I was about 10 years of age. My big sister Molly had some bangin' tennis shoes with heels; two pairs of the bad boys, one black and one white. I so desperately wanted to wear them. But to my dismay they were WAY too big for me. Molly is four years older than me, and had much bigger feet. Every morning when she went to school, I snuck in her room and tried on her shoes. I willed my feet to grow, so that I could wear them. By the time my feet were FINALLY big enough to wear them, they were no longer cool.

For the next few years I lovingly gazed at things in stores I wanted. I knew my parents would never buy a lot of the silly things I "needed". At 15 I got my first job. My friend Tasha and I both applied at Once Upon a Child. I ended up working there for five years. My first couple of pay checks ended up going negative in my checking account. I was that good at spending money. I literally had it spent before I was paid. I would make a mental checklist of what I was going to buy. My Coach obsession began in high school. I've since lost my interest in Coach. I would go to Marshall's every week to check out the new shipment. I went from shopping for clothes for school to shopping for clothes for clubbing, back to shopping for clothes for college. Then I was a big girl and needed clothes for work. At one point I owned somewhere around 200 shoes. I had to buy a plastic toat just to hold my swim suits. In high school all I cared about was fancy brands. I've slowly but surely shifted my wants vs. needs. I don't need brand names or designers. But I do still want some. I've managed to sniff out many a bargain. But the one designer that has always been out of my reach is Chanel. I know a $2,000 bag is beyond ridiculous. But a girl can dream, right?! I still want one before I die & I don't care how obscene the cost.


I've recently started buying things in the kids section. Yep! The kids section. I'm just barely small enough to fit into size 16 in kids (only shirts). It's an easy way to pick something up for nearly half the cost. At home in the states the Target dollar spot is my heaven. We don't have that here :( However, we do have the reject shop. We've just recently hit up the reject shop in Fremantle & let me tell you, it is a palace! I live for the dollar store at home. I would buy all my cheesy holiday decorations. Not to mention: easter basket candy, envelopes, scotch tape, dishes, you name it! I picked up plates and coffee mugs while we were home. They're just white and plain with some textured circles around the outside. I think they're super cute! To those of you still living in the greater Mpls. area: the dollar store in New Hope is bangin'! I also love the dollar store in Blaine near Northtown.

I must admit since moving to Oz I've become much more thrifty. I haven't worked much while here. I've never had to depend on anyone for money (besides my parents, obviously). For the last 10 months I've been a kept woman. Mr. F pays the bills while I'm a stay at home girlfriend. For that I'm eternally grateful. The first few months here I felt really uncomfortable spending his money on frivolous things. I still do feel uncomfortable spending his money. Sooner vs. later (after this year is over) I'll be looking for some work. I have an amazing boyfriend. But I need to be able to get my shop on. I don't like spending his hard earned money on silly things.

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