Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blog a day in May: Day 19

Day 19: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them.

1. Amber's blog. Amber and I used to work together. She's been blogging for much longer than myself.   I enjoy looking to Amber's blog for healthy, but yummy recipes. She's an inspiration. Amber lost 80lbs (if I'm not mistaken). All thanks to healthy eating & exercise. She's now got a new sense of confidence in herself & she works it!

2. Sarah's blog. Sarah and I went to the same high school. We didn't chat in high school. But I started following her blog recently. One day I couldn't help but creep back to the beginning. She blogs about her infertility issues, newlywed status, and love for shopping. She's very open and honest with everything she says. She's now pregnant and nearly ready to pop. I'm looking forward to the baby pictures to come!

3. Alison's blog. I don't read this blog religiously. But it's really entertaining & helpful. I don't know her personally. But I love the blog for fun ideas. She posts all kinds of free printables, sewing patterns, decorating inspiration and the like.

4. I like following this blog for fun ways to reinvent clothes. She refashions thrift store finds for a MAJOR fraction of designer prices. I also don't know her. I'm afraid to say I don't even know her name...Eek! But this blog gives amazing examples of recycled fashion.

5. I don't follow anymore blogs! So my blog it is! Yeeee!

We had another coffee date this past Saturday. Paul had to work in the morning. After we grabbed a bite to eat and wandered around Freo for a bit before heading to a bbq for Si Si's 2nd birthday. We got in some very successful people watching and window shopping.


  1. umm you are so sweet!
    thanks for reading my dear :)
    i totally died on this blogging challenge. but im saving all the topics to cover at some point!

    1. But of course! Thanks for being so interesting and honest :)
      I've died myself. The topics have been a bit repetitive I think!