Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blog a day in May: Day 15

Day 15: A day in the life 
(include photos from though out your typical day-this could be a "photo an hour" if you'd like.)

My typical day: I do whateva I waaannnttt.....

I wake around 6:30-7am. Then I drink two glasses of water to replenish whats lost while sleeping.

I check my fb, ig, and email. I blog/respond to emails or Skype with family who are 13 hours behind.
Today I called my Daddy. We talk just about every two weeks. My Dad and Sister, Molly have arranged a Twins game for us while we're home. I'm so excited to show Paul Target Field. On top of that we're playing the Yankees, and there will be fireworks. Should be an amazing game!

I've been watching the Sopranos, it's wicked. I just finished season 4, and started season 5 yesterday.

For brekkie I have oatmeal and black tea.

At about 10am I have my smoothie and crumpets or toast. 
Smoothies Contents:
1 cup frozen berries//half banana//half apple//slice of cucumber//10 or so spinach leaves//1tsp coconut oil//2-3 tsp protein powder//tbsp flax seeds//1/4 cup soy milk//1/4 cup cranberry juice.

For me smoothies are the best way to get my nutrients.
Cutting meat out of my diet has left me looking for alternate ways to get my daily diet requirements.

Generally between the hours of 12pm and 1pm I watch TMZ and Ellen. I blame my dad for the TMZ.
He loves it and I do too, it's just too hilarious. Ellen is inspirational, she's married to an Aussie, and very philanthropic. So those shows are a win win for me.

I've been knitting nearly every day. I've just gotten several more knitting needles, so I'm able to make more things. I'm going to make a new camera sleeve and phone sleeve. The first one I made is a bit too loose. I've also made myself a passport cover, and two more hair bows.

During the day generally I'll do a light workout. Paul and I also go for jogs 3-4 days a week. If we skip a day jogging we'll walk into Freo for a coffee date/errands. This was from Tuesday. We made a trip to the Grumpy Sailor for an iced coffee and a tall mac. Then we popped over to the Post Office to collect some U.S. dollars, and passport photos for my visa application. Eek!

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