Thursday, May 9, 2013

Blog a day in May: Day 10

Day 10: Most embarrassing moment(s). Spill.

As if I'm going to share my absolute most embarrassing moment!

In the words of Wayne Campbell: Chyea, right!

I'll share an embarrassing moment or two rather, and you can either like it or leave it!

In roughly 2005 I was at Spin Nightclub in Downtown Minneapolis. I wore what I thought was a very glamorous dress and heels. I somehow twisted my ankle and fell down the stairs. Anyone who's ever been there knows the stairs are the focal point of the room. The worst part is that it was actually dead. So everyone there would have seen me fall. Not only did I hurt my ego, but I also hurt my ankle.

Another embarrassing moment...

This one time I was insanely hungover. I went to valleyfair with some friends. I was forced to go on a spinny ride. I don't handle spinny rides well. I got terribly nauseous. On our drive home we had to pull over, because I had to barf! And barf I did, a lot!

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