Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter week(end)

Footy season has started! Mr. F is quite happy about this as you can see by his Dockers laniard and pin attached to his shirt. We watched the first Dockers vs. Eagles Derby a couple weeks back. The Dockers surprised us with a win. Paul was quite happy with that. This coming weekend we'll be flying 'home' to Melbourne. While there we'll be able to catch a Dockers game at the MCG, talk about good timing!

Easter is a big deal here in Oz. Obviously it's a big deal in the States as well, but it's BIGGER here. Good Friday-Monday are considered Easter weekend. Like most things I don't quite understand just how legit Paul is being when he says everything is closed on Good Friday. Most of Australia closes down for Good Friday. I don't know why I'm so surprised by this. Almost everything is closed at home on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving. But I couldn't believe it till I saw it. With that said Paul had Friday-Monday off. So we got to take advantage of the long weekend. Thursday and Friday evening we went for a bike ride. During the day on Friday we took about an hours drive to a botanical garden called Araluen. The weather was on our side. This was kind of a split second decision that we didn't really plan out. But it turned out beautifully. $4 charge per adult to walk around the garden. Lots of families were having picnics. There was even a surprise party we walked past. Next time we'll be definitely having a picnic. We wandered around for a couple of hours & I couldn't help but take a ton of low quality photos on my phone. Like I said, we didn't plan on going...so I left the good camera at home. Oh well! We'll be back!

The pink flowers above were randomly sprouted up everywhere.
 They were even in random areas on the drive to and from Araluen.

Clare De Lune :)

I swear my legs aren't that white. The sun was shining right on them.

My thinking man.

A pretty fountain leading down from the observation deck.

It was a bit of a hilly walk. More pretty flowers to the left.

Pink roses are my kryptonite. 

These made me want to make a pretty flower crown!

We think of Dad nearly every time we see a wicked Harley. 
If you moved here, Dad this is where you could park the hog. Hint, hint.

I wish pictures captured just how tall trees are. 
Although, that would defeat the purpose of seeing these beauties in person.

Walking down "Three bridge Road" we walked across one bridge and got ourselves lost from the trail.

He's a big fan of the grass trees.

Don't mind the kid, stage right.

We started lunch with a yummy slice of pecan pie.
For whatever reason they brought it out long before our meal(s).

Way more deep fried of a meal than I expected.
But I was hungry was junk. Please believe I ate every bite.

We saw two little lizards while we were eating!
Paul wasn't phased, but these little guys are new to me!

Saturday we drove out to visit Vanessa, Pauls sister. He assembled a shed while we did far less physically demanding work. We looked through an old photo album of Mum's before we hit the road. Ness let me grab a couple photos that made me fall more in love with Paul. How cute is he with that kitten named, Ginger-Megs! I mean, if meeting each other wasn't fate I don't know what is. Then little Paul with his new rig and a speedo (which is much more common here than Minnesota), lol! 
He's so cute I can hardly stand it!

When we got home Paul couldn't help but give me my Easter gifts. He obviously got my hints about really wanting and still not owning BD2, and of course he had to get his chocolate lover a treat as well. 

After I opened my Easter pressies I made almost forty mini carrot cake cupcakes while Paul made dinner. I topped them with lemon cream cheese frosting, dried apricots and a little green icing for artistic purposes. For my first attempt they were pretty yummy.

Sunday morning Paul got his Easter basket. I might have to buy him a bigger basket, because it only held about 1/4 of what I actually bought. Paul is a pretty healthy eater. So he got some dried mango chips, tuna, almonds, sultanas (raisins), gum, and of course a chocolate bunny!

Easter isn't quite Easter in Oz with out some sea food. 
We picked up some prawns on our drive towards the Dempsey's for a bbq. 

We spent our first Easter together with the Dempsey's and their little bunny, Charlotte. We started our day at the South Freo growers market. We spotted ol' John Butler and his family at the markets. This was our second of three JB sightings in the last 3-4 weeks around Freo.

Charlotte had her first Easter. Mummy made her a rice bubble egg with white chocolate. 
We all got to try a bite. It was yummo!

Charlotte approves.

Hangin' with the cutest bunny on the block, Charlotte Lee.

Thanks to Amy for the Lindt bunny. I ate those ears right off! 

Uncle Freddy & Daddy putting together Charlottes new play gym.

Today I enjoyed some of the left over Easter treats with my afternoon tea. Until next year, Easter, until next year.

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