Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bits and Bobs

This year was my first St. Patricks Day with out my family. We have always gone to St. Paul for the parade in the morning. Even as kids my Mom would take us out of school for the parade. Once we got old enough to hit the bars my brother & I did exactly that. I was a bit sad to be apart from my family, however, we had a great day here in Oz. Paul started the day by surprising me with some green decorations & Irish music playing. He brought me a cupcake while wearing his hat & red beard. I made some green banana cupcakes. They turned out less desirable than I had hoped. But these things happen! You win some & you lose some from internet recipes. We had our Sunday growers market date with the Dempsey's in the morning. Then it was to Rosie O'Grady's for some cider and guinness. 

Now I know that I was definitely not meant to wear a beard. Guinness on the other hand I didn't mind.

We're privy to some pretty neat (yes I said neat) happenings by "living" in Fremantle. We've been here since November. Most of our time here has been spent at the Quest Service Apartments. We're right in the heart of Freo. It's a very convenient place to be. Most weekends there is something going on within walking distance. From Mid March until April 1st there was the Sculptures at Bathers event going on. Bathers Beach is a short five minute walk from the quest. We walk past it nearly every day. A fair few Saturdays we'll head down for a cheap meal for the sunset markets at Bathers. Anyways.... Here's some photos from the Sculptures at Bathers event.

Pregnant mermaid on a window. Super dope.

Mr. F was a fan of the grass trees!

This was a mold of a woman turned into a mesh sculpture. 
The picture does it no justice. It was beautiful.

The Roundhouse in all it's glory. We run up these stairs most afternoons after a 4k jog.

Again, the perfect place to stay during this time of year. The next sculptures are from the Cotttesloe Beach. The Cott is a very busy, very busy beach. It's about a fifteen minute drive from Freo. One Saturday I woke up and went downstairs, looking rather homeless. Paul said he had a surprise in mind. He told me to put on some leggings or something, and we'll head out & come back for brekkie. The roads were actually quite busy for only 9am on a Saturday as we drove to the Cott. We got out and wandered the beach for about an hour.

How Aussie is this Kangaroo sculpture?!

Paul was quite a fan of this giant 'nut'. No pun intended.

This one reminded me of the bunny from Donnie Darko.

The water's were wicked busy with swimmers, paddle boarders and the like.


Croc made of old fishing nets and such.

On our way to the car we saw some pink and grey's or galahs. They're gorgeous little birds. Paul said "There's nothing more Aussie than that" as we walked past. Once we got home he made a delicious batch of berry pancakes. They were so good in fact that yesterday I was craving them, but we were out of eggs. I pissed and moaned for about an hour about wanting pancakes. Side note is that the day before Paul asked if we'd need eggs & I responded no. Next day...no eggs...but a MAJOR craving for pancakes. I finally got over it & had some oatmeal instead. However, next time he asks me a question like that I think we both will know the answer. Get some damn eggs!

This has been our week for bird sightings! 
On our walk to the markets we saw some bow tie rockin' cockatoos. 

Kieran was away for work. So we had to snap a pic to show him what he was missin'.

We even got Mum down to the markets for a cappuccino. 

We should be here (Perth) for another six weeks or so. After that we won't have much time until we fly to the states. Time is seriously flying by. We still need to work out what the next appropriate Visa will be for myself. I tried calling the Department of Citizenship last week. Unfortunately, after thirty minutes on hold the connection was lost. I was meant to call today & I just plain forgot! Looks like tomorrow is the day. we don't have time to mess around anymore. This weekend we fly back to Melbourne for 1 day/2 nights. We'll be sleeping in our own bed for two whole nights. Friday night is the xx concert & Saturday we have to footy! Another busy weekend, but it is going to be so much fun!

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