Thursday, January 31, 2013

Australia Day Weekend!

This Australia Day Weekend was spent in Melbourne for us. We've been in Western Australia for the better part of the last two months. We had to go home for a few days, because of Paul's work's rules. Which was okay. It was time for us to do some house hold chores & enjoy a little quality time together. We flew out on a Friday afternoon & got home in the evening. I made the executive decision that we needed pizza from the pizza shop down the road, Crust. For some reason I have a ridiculously difficult time finding a plain cheese pizza here. But at Crust they have a delicious one on the kids menu. I feel like Kevin McCallister from Home Alone. All I want is a cheese pizza.

A delicious cheese pizza all for me. Please believe I ate ever last piece of that beauty!

Saturday was the Triple J hottest 100 count down. Paul woke up, and went down to the shops in the morning. He picked up that lovely blow up finger, the Australia hat, and a visor for me (not pictured). We stayed home the majority of the day to listen to the countdown. Triple J is the biggest music station here. They do a countdown every year of all the music from the previous year. The listeners log their votes, and listen in to hear if their votes made the cut. It started at 12pm and went to about 3pm I believe. During the countdown we did a bit of housework. We had to water our cacti that believe it or not were getting dried out. I did some dusting, and Paul did the manly chores. He had to check the truck fluids and the like. I slept the best I've slept in ages while we were home. It was so nice to sleep in our bed, with our pillows, and bedding.  

Sunday I got to Skype with my lovely sister, Molly and our nephew Jeffrey. Last time we tried to Skype with Jeffrey was Christmas Eve, and it freaked him out. But this time he was very playful, and giggly. It was a wonderful way to start the day. Then I had my brekkie made by my loving boyfriend, and had my coffee. Paul presented the idea of heading out on the open road. We took a mini road trip through Melbourne in an attempt to find kangaroos. We've tried a few times to go to places kangaroos would be, and found none! We hit the open road at about 1pm. We drove past the airport to what we thought was a local wildlife park. It more turned out to be the bush with some signs on the outside. We parked, and looked around a bit. But finding a kangaroo seemed a bit bleak. So we got back in the car and decided to give our search another go. 

We saw a lot of horses along the way.

Paul looking very Australian posing with his Ute in the bush.

This was the first place we stopped. I didn't wear the best shoes for walking through the bush.

The surroundings were beautiful though.

We saw some cows too.

After driving another thirty minutes or so, and feeling a bit defeated we made it to kangaroo grounds. We parked the car and walked about two minutes to a wire fence. On the other side of the fence Paul saw some kangaroo droppings. I didn't believe him that he knew what kangaroo droppings even looked like. I learned quickly to trust that my boyfriend knows more about kangaroo shat than I do. All we had to do was get on the other side of the fence to find the first of many kangaroos! Yay! There was one just beyond the fence taking a snooze. Once it heard us it woke up, and peeled! Paul has much better vision than I. He pointed one out that I couldn't see. He then took the camera and zoomed in. I looked at the screen, and sure enough there was the kangaroo above staring right at us! My heart was pumping the hardest it has in ages. I was beyond excited. But I was also scared. For some reason I was convinced they were going to come over and box us. Paul told me for the first time ever that I was being irrational. He was right. 

The first kangaroo that hopped away was sleeping right near this wicked tree.

I'm not sure how good their vision is. But every time we found a 'roo we could see it staring at us. Just before they would decide to turn around and hop into the distance. At one point I saw about thirty hopping away. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

We even found an albino kangaroo. In all of Paul's years he's never seen an albino kangaroo. So I feel quite lucky to have seen one the first time I FINALLY saw some. It looked to me like the albino 'roo may have been the other 'roos Mum or Dad. It was a lot bigger, and the other 'roo didn't hop away until the albino one did. The actually seemed to care the least that we were there. They stared at us for quite some time before finally hopping away.

Once most of them had hopped away we decided it was time to go.

I thought we needed a picture in the place where I had seen my first kangaroo. Paul said he was relieved that I've finally seen kangaroos. We made our short walk back to the Ute, and celebrated our victory with a beer. Then Paul took a look in the map book & we headed back toward home. I should have known our luck would run out at some point. After several hours of driving I got car sick. I don't do so well with long drives if I'm hungry. No worries though. We stopped at a gas station, and grabbed something for me to munch on. Usually if I have something to take my mind of being sick I do alright. I munched on some doritos, and we made it home safe. We had some dinner & began packing to head back to Western Australia. 

Now we're back at the Quest in Fremantle for another month or so. We've got a lovely view of the boats parked in the marina. I'm managing to keep myself quite busy already this week. I started the week off by finally meeting Paul's Nanna. We had some coffee with his Mum. The weather has been getting pretty steamy again. Paul and I went for a job yesterday & cooled off by hopping in the ocean. I don't know if there is anything much better! While we put our shoes back on I noticed some topless ladies. They looked to be tourists from Europe. It was quite a funny site to see. We definitely were not at a topless beach. But they must have thought they were or just didn't care! I think the drunk man washing his feet was more than pleased to see three topless women inching his way.

This week absolutely flew by. I can't believe it's already Friday. Paul is busy working his little butt off. I've got some laundry and dishes to do. I'm also mulling over the idea of going for a jog. Today's hotter than yesterday. Wish me luck!

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