Tuesday, August 16, 2016

DRF week one

We did it! 

Somehow the three of us have made it to the other side of D's first week of life. 

Night one was by far the hardest. We hit a few unexpected road bumps. Our breast pump was broken, so Daddy had to b-line it to the shops before closing time for a new one. D was fed a lot of formula in hospital and was still getting the hang of breast feeding until last night really. So a breast pump was absolutely necessary. We didn't have our breast feeding/bottle feeding tools and sanitisation plans in place. We simply didn't plan on any bottle feeding, big mistake. Expect the unexpected with a newborn. Nothing will go perfectly. We had food in the freezer, but thought "oh no, we'll have time to cook something". NO!!! Our dinner came around 10pm, oh well. Thankfully, I had prepared lactation cookies ahead of time and we had plenty of apples/other snackies. 

Each night has slowly, but surely improved. Probably getting 1-2 hours extra of broken sleep. D does phenomenal during the day. He feeds and sleeps with absolutely no troubles. Night time is a bit trickier. He likes to feed a bit more like every 1-2 hours. Which doesn't leave much time to sleep for breast feeing Mummy.

Today we forged a plan. We have him taking naps in his bassinet, instead of downstairs with us and lots of noise. We've downloaded whale noises and we'll sleep with a night light on tonight. He'll let us know if this cuts the mustard.

-First night at home!
-Several smiles and one precious giggle while dreaming following a feed on night 4.
-No more nipple shields and regular feeds from Mummy.
-Spewed/pissed/shat on Daddy in a 5 minute span.
-Spewed on Mummy hours later.
-Several wee's in the free air.
-First bath at home was precious on night 4.
-First walk on day 1 at home.
-First family outing on day 4.
-Two family walks on day 5.
-Daddy showed me how to hoop on day 6.
-Day 7 first tummy time!
-First proper full feed on day 7!
-Umbilical cord fell off!

First walk!

First family outing for coffee at the beach.

First time hooping with Dad and pep talks for his chances in the Olympics 2036 .

Milk moustache.
Aloha! Mummy & Daddy were married in Hawaii. 
This pillow was a gift from Daddy to Mummy.

Day 7. Oh what a week. Duncan later wee'd all over this outfit.

Soooo many pictures. Our next child (if/when) is going to hate us.

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