Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Baby Shower(s)

We recently welcomed the third trimester of pregnancy. I can not believe how fast time flies. If pregnancy has gone this quick the next 18 years are going to be nuts! 

We were lucky enough to have some very special people throw us some un-conventional baby shower(s) a 'virtual baby shower' and a 'baby shower in a box'. I was also treated to a surprise high tea to celebrate the bub.

First, was our 'virtual baby shower'. My best friend Katie, my sister Molly and my Mom joined forces to get some ideas together for how to make this all work. Invitations were mailed out, and loved ones were encouraged to join in on the fun. Katie sent us a few extra mementos to make the day even more special.

We set up a little corner in the nursery, and got started.


He'll have his first flight at about two months old 
(depending on when he shows up)! 
Thanks Auntie Katie and Uncle Evan! 

Thanks Aunt Roxy, Khali and Ellie! 
Thanks, Auntie Ness!

Thanks, Auntie Steen!

After all the gift opening I was straight into leggings!

Next up was our Baby Shower in a Box. 
Hosted by some dear friends and former co-workers: Julie, Amber and Mara.

There were decorations, games, prizes and gifts!
After we decorated the cozy little corner we started up the games! 

Naturally I won both games, because I'm the HBIC.
One prize was delicious caribou!
(If you're not from Minnesota you wouldn't understand). 
 Note the cat to human resemblance.
Perf card, Mara.

Pee Pee tee pee! So funny and so damn practical!

So many gorgeous Minnesota themed goodies!

At 37 weeks (full term) my gorgeous girls here in Melbourne, Roxy, Megan and Juliet surprised me with High Tea at the Langham hotel to celebrate the little man to be!

We had a wonderful time stuffing our faces and laughing a lot.
The girls also gifted us with the sweetest bundle of clothes, toys and other adorable essentials. 

To top it all off I turned 30 a couple weeks ago! This bundle of joy has been the greatest gift I could ask for. However, his Daddy and some very sweet loved ones sure helped to make my day extra special.

Needless to say we're feeling very loved and can't wait to meet the little dude. In just another couple days I'll have my due date. He may or may not show up on time or take after his Mumma and be fashionably late. Either way, it's been an amazing journey already.

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