Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rehearsal + Luau

Paul and I had a very small wedding party. 
My sister Molly was my maid of honour. Paul's mate Dan was his best man. We also had three gorgeous flower girls, and a dapper ring bearer. Two of the flower girls were daughters of Dan & his wife Amanda. Our third flower girl & ring bearer were our friend Kieran & Amy's son & daughter. The handsome ring bearer is also our Godson. Kieran was our emcee, which is a very Aussie thing to do. He told jokes, kept things moving and introduced each mini event along the evening (you killed it Kieran). I also had my two girls Katie & Justine as personal attendants. For us it was best to keep the wedding party small and intimate.

Thursday before the luau we had a quick rehearsal. 

Getting the run down from the planner.

Paul walked Vanessa down.

Molly & Dan.

Here comes Will.

There goes Will.

Charlotte & Sienna quickly became BFF's.

Daddy & I.

There they are, minus one flower girl. 
Little Hayley broke her arm at the beginning of the families holiday. 
She got in a little later than expected with her Mumma.

Thank you to my niece Haley for snapping the rehearsal pics for us :)

After the rehearsal Paul & I invited all our guest to join us for a Luau. A fun time was had by all! There was a buffet, drinks were included with entertainment to finish the festivities. 

There was a great turn out. Almost everyone was able to make it.

Grandma & Paul were the cutest couple at the wedding.

Flower divas!
Thanks Mummy for the smile from Will.

Katie's wearing a kitschy honeybees flower crown :)

These two in their Daddy's sunnys just kills me.
Can you spot Kieran & Dan being good sports up their with their daughters learning to hula.
and just before the entertainment this happened...
All this time I thought Mara wasn't coming to the wedding. I put on a brave face, but I was devastated. On the night of the luau I looked up to see my friend Jimmy walking towards me. He had "just flown in", a little behind him I caught a glimpse of Mara, and I lost it. They worked together to surprise me with her. Julie was in on the surprise and she got photographic proof. 

Look at Will & Mummy watching the pretty ladies twirl fire.

We had a spectacular time. If we make it back to Hawaii I'm sure we'll attend another luau. The food was a buffet, so you can't expect fine dining. But the entertainment was a once in a lifetime experience.

Thank you to Julie, Kieran, Molly and Evan for the luau pictures :)

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