Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dinner time

Forsyth family dinner.

Paul recently had a work trip to Perth (nothing new), but I hadn't been to Perth since just before Easter. For all those that don't know, we live in Melbourne. This is about a four hour flight from Perth, where most of Paul's family is, and where he's from. We decided this was the time for me to tag along and see the family once more before the wedding.

Being a destination wedding it's tough for everyone to make the journey. Paul's sister Vanessa will be there with us on the big day. But the rest of the family can't make it. Mick (Paul's bro) and Krystal are expecting their first baby within weeks of the wedding, yay! 

Paul's Mum organised a family dinner for all of us to get together one last time before nuptials and newborns take over! We had good food, and even better company.

The girls.

The boys.

We're really creeping in on the big day now. 

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