Saturday, March 1, 2014

Flat Hunter!

I previously touched on mine and Paul's Flat Hunter task.

 I thought I'd share some of the photos with the rest of you.
Here's a mini geography/history lesson about a land down under!
The Round House in Fremantle, Western Australia.
The Round House is the oldest standing building in Western Australia.
It was previously used as a working jail in the late 1800's.
This was one of the first places convicts would stop upon their entry.

More in Fremantle. The STS Leeuwin. This ship serves as a training ship for young sailors. It travels along the West Australian Coast. I like it, because it looks like something Captain Hook would man.

Just your run of the mill kangaroo statue in Perth city.

The Bell tower, or Swan Bells are located in Perth city.
This structure over looks the Swan River, and houses 18 bells. 12 of those bells were a gift from London as for Australia's bicentenary. 

Tropical oasis palm tree action.

Mr. F keeping Flat Hunter safely between the flags at Williamstown Beach.

This is our local beach. Over the past summer we've only been twice. This was when the temperature was 110 degrees Fahrenheit or more well into the evening.
That week was the busiest I've ever seen that beach it was busting with people. In the water all you could hear were people having conversations.

Surf lifesavers. 

One flag with flying rats.
I used to think seagulls were kind of cute. 
Till I moved to Australia, and realized they were made to ruin people's lives.

Down at the pier in Williamstown. 

We stopped in front of the seaplane for a photo op.

Now actually on the pier where lots of rich folk have their sailboats docked.

In the distance behind the sailboats to the right you can see Melbourne city.
You can take a ferry from here into the city. Paul and I have yet to participate in this. But he's promised we day.

Mr. F looking like a total tourist. I just so happened to cut out his shoes in this photo. He's rocking the Jerry Seinfeld, running shoes + jeans.

Next the Timeball
Paul's only explanation was that it's original purpose was to alert incoming ships of the time. I only just found out that it also served as a lighthouse. 

It was a windy afternoon as you can see with the waving Hunter.

It's not easy looking this dorky.

We make dorky helmets look...dorky.

After our Flat Hunter adventures we sat on our patio and enjoyed mimosas.
Earlier in the day we had an auction on our first apartment together, and it sold!
It was actually bittersweet. But most certainly a positive thing. 
Yay! Now it's time for us to do some serious saving, and begin our search for our first little house.

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