Monday, January 13, 2014

December wrap up!

Our very busy December went a little something like this:

We trimmed the tree.

We saw these ballers at the Fremantle markets.

 The city was decorated gloriously.


We saw Muse live at the beginning of the month. 
 It was raw! I've never been a huge fan of Muse, but Mr. F is a long time fan.
A while back he said to me "before you die, you need to see Muse live". Boy, was he was right! If you've got the funds, and the timing is right, do yourself a favor and go.You can thank me later. The combination of lights/sound/energy are contagious.

The following night was Paul's work Christmas party.
I got to take my "new to me" vintage dress for a spin. I also carried my Grandma Signe's clutch. I love being able to make use of my Grandma's old items. 

Then I stuffed my face with some of the sweetest treats.

And then...
Christmas holidays! 
Christmas Eve was spent with Mr. F's family. 
We hit the beach in the morning with Ness and the boys. It ended up being ridiculously windy. But we still had a swell time!

My gorgeous sister in law and I.

We got the boys a couple huge blow up things. 
One was brought to the beach. It didn't work out so well with the wind/wave ratio.

But Christian kept things cool.

Uncle Paul attempted to ride the tube...
It didn't work out so well for him.

Then it was time for lunch and presents!

Uncle Paul played some cricket with the boys while we waited for the fish to cook.

I'm collecting family photos from mine and Paul's side, and I found this gem on Christmas Eve! How sweet is little toddler Mr. F?!
After the Forsyth Christmas we had a little Gingerbread decorating party with the D's. Paul took charge on our house. I was not prepared for how sticky that icing was. Next year I really need to get it together.

Christmas morning Paul and I were on French Toast roll-up patrol.
Thank you Pinterest for yet another gem.
I'm quite pleased with how these babies turned out.

The recipe went a little something like this:
Eggs//Milk mix//Bread//Nutella//Cinnamon//Sugar mix//Strawberries
(or the fruit of your choice)
The Pinterest recipe suggested cutting off the crust, we vito'd that idea. 
(I'm glad we did) I love crust!
-Spread the nutella on about half the bread, as thin or thick as you like.
(I wish I would have used a touch less, as I prefer things on the bland side)
-Drop in the sliced fruit on top of the Nutella.
-Roll up the bread.
(We had to use tooth pics to hold some together)
-Dip bread into the eggs/milk.
-And fry up in a pan with butter until golden brown.
-Then roll into the cinnamon/sugar mixture
If you're looking for a not so healthy but super yummy breakfast these are for you!
One more Christmas Pinterest win:
Yogurt covered fruit//strawberry//banana//grape kebab(s).

After breakfast came the presents!
Charlotte woke up to find that Santa paid a visit!

We stuck to the same routine as last year.
 We all took turns going every other opening gifts after Charlotte.

Despite that grumpy face Charlotte was loving Christmas morning, 
especially the bubble wrap!

She got a ukulele. It was the BEST PRESENT EVER!
It took the jaws of life to remove it from her hands after opening. 

We even got a little mid present Skype sesh with the family back home.

Back to presents!

Uncle Freddy impressed Char Char with his bubble skills.

Post presents came beach time:
We got to ride next to this sweet little beach bum!

Christmas desert with some eggnog to wash it down.

Thanks to Mr. Dempsey we have a fun video from Christmas day to relive the memories, peep it: Christmas Day!

On Boxing day Mr. F and Mr. D attempted to fly a kite.
After about an hour it sort of worked.

New Year's Eve was pretty tame (big surprise). We met Paul's sister and her girlfriend in the city for dinner/drinks before they partied down. It was fun to get to have a drink with the sis in law minus the kids to worry about. We were so busy the few days before NYE that we didn't even make it to midnight. I must admit I'm not very happy with that. It felt weird waking up the next morning sans midnight kiss. Next year we're going to have to stay up!

And there you have it, minus a few things I'm sure. This was Paul and my third Christmas as a couple, and my second beach Christmas. It's so fun arriving at the beach knowing it's Christmas, and seeing everyone celebrating. 

Hope you all had a fantastic holiday season. I know we did. I'm still getting over my Christmas hangover. But in true Meaghan fashion I've began preparing for Valentine's day. I'm a real sucker for any excuse to decorate.

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