Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 1

The twelve days of Christmas.

On the first day of Christmas my true love returned to me (from a work trip).

He had another work trip this past week. This was the longest he's been away for work with out me joining. I must admit I slept pretty well, which I didn't expect. But I did stay up past midnight every night. I didn't know what to do with myself in the evening. I don't know how to do dinner time with out my plus one. I also did some more Christmas shopping. Still not finished, argh! I've been shopping since July! Somehow, I never start early enough. I've got a list going on the fridge of all the running around we need to do this weekend. I wish postage didn't cost so much, I'd love to be able to send gifts to everyone in Minnesota. Unfortunately, postage for our Christmas cards alone was over $70, and I actually had to keep our list limited. Alas, that's the trials of living overseas. I heard a dude in line at the post office trying to coax the lady working into agreeing to post a card for less. He was sending cards to Ireland. I totes understand his frustrations with the cost, but I would never make the workers feel bad for something that they have absolutely no control over. 

It's time to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, and enjoy some quality time with mah dude. I might even have some dank chockie ice cream.

Seacreast Out.


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