Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blog a day in May: Day 12

Day 12: What do you miss (a person, a thing, a place, a time in your life...)

Being on the other side of the world leaves me missing plenty of things.
But instead of whining, and getting all deep, I'll keep it light.
EDITED: I obviously miss my friends and family. 
That goes with out saying. But I'm keeping this quite trivial.

What I miss:

-Coffee creamer. Like thick, yummy, multi-flavor creamer. Coffee-mate.

-Velveeta shell n cheese. Sweet nectar of the gods. I miss that deliciously terrible for me treat.

-Caribou. Nuff said.

-Driving. I drive a bit. But not much, and I really miss it. It doesn't help that I get carsick unless I'm driving. So...I get carsick a lot!

-Mayslacks. My way too often bar of choice in Northeast Mpls.

-Northeast Minneapolis. It's so good. I never took enough advantage of living in such a baller neighborhood.

-Forever 21. I went there weekly, just to look. Now all I have is online. It ain't the same.

-HBO. And all of the shows that come with having HBO.

-Target. Target here can kick rocks. They are doing Target no justice the way it is here.

-The Dollar Store. It's just so good.

-Sasha. My brothers dog. She's the best.

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