Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quest in, quest out, quest in.

From Valentine's Day and beyond!

We had our first Valentine's Day in the same country this year. It was a wonderful day! Not everyone gets into Valentine's. But I love it! I started by baking cookies for Paul's Mum. We dropped those off the day before Valentine's. I also baked up some banana muffins for Paul to wake up to on Valentine's Day. While he was working his butt off at work I was at home baking my butt off. I had some conversation heart sugar cookies to make and decorate. I also decorated our service apartment a bit. We needed to pick up some wine for the occasion. So we went out to pick that up & got home just in time for a breath taking sunset. We had a delicious dinner prepared my my main squeeze, and dessert was prepared by yours truly.

I framed some areas on the map around Western Australia that have some significance to Paul and I.

Red jocks for obvious reasons!

Mr. F approves!

Conversation heart sugar cookies & Looper peeking thru. We really enjoyed the movie Looper. We've seen it a couple times already & still aren't finished dissecting it yet. So I picked it up for V-day!

Paul looking very suave with the rose he gave me. I also got a gift voucher for a colour and cut at a fancy salon! I've been complaining that I don't know where to go to get my hair coloured. He's such an attentive boyfriend :)

We sat outside before dinner to enjoy some wine and take in the sunset.

A pink sky on pink day! Is there anything better?!

My makeshift heart chandelier and our wonderful dinner!

We had salmon with baby spinach and baked potatoes.

Sunday the 17th we went to the cemetery with Paul's Mum and brother where Paul's Dad's plack is.  It was the biggest cemetery I've ever been in. There were head stones that dated back to the very late 1800's there. I wanted to take pictures. But couldn't decide if it was socially acceptable. After the cemetery Paul and I decided to do a bit of driving around to antique shops and touristing around Fremantle. We went to Memorial Hill. At the top of the hill is a beautiful structure to remember those lost in battle. The 360 degree view around us at the top of the hill was amazing! 

We finished our day with dinner at the Bather's Beach markets. Our go-to spot for Saturday Night eats and entertainment.

This past weekend Paul had to fly home on Friday and back on Saturday. We did a bit of moving around. We had to check out of our service apartment and into a hotel for a weeks time. Then check out of the hotel while Paul flew home and I moved into Casa De Dempsey on Friday. The Dempsey's were great to put us up for the weekend while Paul had to fly home and back to W.A. We had lots of fun with the handsome couple and their lovely girl (as per usual). Amy and I did some shopping while the boys played Daddy daycare We even got out to Bather's Beach Markets for some funky music and tasty food! Charlotte did her fair share of entertaining us. The weather is quickly becoming cooler in the evenings. Poor Paul had to give me his jumper. I was freezing.

On Sunday we checked out of Casa De Dempsey and back into the Quest apartments. We started our day at the growers markets with the Dempsey girls. We had a tasty brekkie and managed to pick up a fair bit of our fresh fruit and veg. Then we popped over to Mum's to pick up the rest of our junk. We did a bit more grocery shopping for everything else. Note to self to avoid the grocery store on a Sunday! It was a mad house. We finally made it to the Quest at about 2pm to check in. We got the car unpacked, then met up with Danny and Hayley girl for some ice cream. We all had some melty cones from Ciscerello's, and some running races with Hayley. Well, Paul and her Daddy did the running. I managed to weasel my way out of running. After the ice cream Paul and I wondered back to the Esplanade Park for a Concert put on for a good cause. There were several acts and demonstrations through out the day in a fight to keep a gas hub out of the Kimberley. The Kimberley is a large area of land up North in Australia. It is on sacred ground to the Indigenous people here. The Kimberley is a vast and beautiful place. I haven't been there yet. But I hope to get there sooner vs later. There are even dinosaur prints still preserved there!

We caught the last act which was the John Butler Trio. They put on a wonderful show. Such an amazing musician. He pulled out about four guitars, a harmonica, and a banjo. He even played one of the songs he used to play while busking in the Freo Markets from nearly 17 years ago. We listened to about four songs before we made our way back to the quest for some dinner.

Awkward faces in the background!

We're back in the Quest for another 26 days. As nice as it would be to be in our own home-we do have a fully furnished apartment with a kitchen and spa bath. We're in a more updated apartment this time around. We even have jacuzzi tub, and two bathrooms to choose between. I haven't decided which one Paul is banished to use. We've been in Western Australia for the better part of the last four months on and off, and we've got another month here. But if we can't be at our "home" at least we're here in W.A. which feels more like home. Paul is from here, so our weeks are filled with time with family and friends, and beautiful weather. We're not entirely sure what will be happening come April. But we do have a concert to go to. Hopefully we'll find out relatively soon if we'll be coming back again in April. But if I was a betting woman I'd be betting yes.

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